Will be putting together a quick promo outro to be attached to podcast preview --Via Blubrry. But damn. I need to learn to be short and direct, not rambling and unfocused. Hmm. How to describe this thing quickly - directing listeners to where they may want to go, without getting distracted. . LOL Always a problem. The thing is; if I can't do it for myself, how can I do it for listeners? I wonder, I wonder, so many things. On another note; I am setting up as affiliate for Blubrry, an excellent podcast hosting company I'll be proud to promote. My first attempt to sign up for Amazon... well, that will require some more work and a phone call. Like Imp says: "You don't like talking to fucking people, ever." Right you are, my man, right you are. But, it's just another glitch. And what do we do with glitches? We drop them into some wicked cool dubstep and call it a day. πŸ˜€ ...

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