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I probably don’t have to tell you that keeping this house up and running costs money. Web hosting, domains, shuffling data from one end of the internet to all the other ends of the internet. and that is only the start. For me personally, I also try to maintain a home studio to create quality audio when producing the podcast and great sounding audio for everything else we do. But beyond even that, there is the cost of surviving day by day. Food, shelter, and safety. That is however my personal ask.

So here are the options to feed the creator, maintain the creation, or both.

Become a patron

On Patreon you can sign up for monthly donations easily and securely. As a patron you will have access to exclusive content and other interesting tidbits every now and then. Our patreon page supports not only this podcast but also Icarus Machine along with everything we do. The music distribution, my work as vocalist and lyricist, internet services that make our work as a band easier.

The one time gift to JennyK

However, if you want to help me personally, never mind that other stuff, you can do that right here via a one time donation of any amount you feel agrees with you. After entering your imformation, and click “continue”, you will be asked to add your paypal email. (Paypal is currently the only option available.)

Feed the creator


Give what you feel you can spare. No amount is too small. and thank you!

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Donation Total: $5

Whatever you pick, you have my sincere thank you. anything helps to keep this place free from the rats, and the more you give, the more we can create, and the better it gets.

Thank you!

House of Imp – Podcast and more. Where normal is odd Where weird is a virtue. thank you for your time and support.

JennyK, Imp, bill, and Jordi – Saying thanks – You rock!

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