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Spydah - Roger Barlow's cool spider avatar.

HOI – Music we love Ep 3 – Spydah with “Ghost in my head”


Music we love – Featuring “Ghost in my head” Ghost in my head Collaborators: Edson Silva liljoe6string Louis Marchena Roger Barlow Lyrics Ghost in my head Lyrics by Louis Marchena I feel … like a child trapped in an endless maze I dream … of a time when I can end my thoughts of you …


– What is HOI Music?

House of Imp – Music we love, is a new show in the House of Imp. We feature independent music from Kompoz.com and we hear from the creators of that music. We like metal. Often it’s prog, sometimes industrial, sometimes uncategorized wicked good stuff that simply deserves some attention. We play it, we talk about it.
Our own band Icarus machine will surely showcase tracks because shameless promotion is not beyond us. 😀

so, indulge us in our intentional stroking of egos—Ours and others— and enjoy. 😀


Jenny K Brennan and Bill Babcock. Tracks and artists found on kompoz.com.


the schedule is currently “As time permits”.


But if not, please let us know what we can do better.

Suggestions? concerns?

We appreciate any and all feedback on the show. Contact House of Imp.

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Jen and Bill – Headbanging since forever.



House of Imp – Music we love

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