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Spoilt – Pre-release track from Mother of Crow

Spoilt – From the upcoming album “Mother of Crow”. Enjoy!

The trials image - A very much dead bride

The Trials – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original

The trials – A Kompoz collaboration – (JennyK original) Released July 16 2015 Art/prog- rock Collaboration page Collaborators This would not have been the same without vincentsaling from Strasbourg Alsace FranceĀ gave this song real life with his beautiful guitar work. From Scotland; Nigel Robinson a.k.a Gemini added that beautiful smooth Bass and a final … Continue reading The Trials – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original


The Dorks – Right minds left – A Kompoz collaboration release – Honky Tonk

Right minds left Honky Tonk $0.99 on soundBlend And how did this happen? Artist’s Notes (By Project creator Kim Noble) How The Dorks came into existence—the behind-the-scenes story: Starting with two lyricists who have a bit too much time on their hands, Tracy led the charge in creating some lyrics that jumped off a hilarious … Continue reading The Dorks – Right minds left – A Kompoz collaboration release – Honky Tonk

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Serrated – A Kompoz Collaboration Release!

Serrated Metal! > And how did this happen? I came across this on Kompoz and really digged it. As a somewhat closeted metal head I simply love this stuff and I followed its progress from demo to finished. But I guess it wasn’t quite finished and they were kind of looking for a possible second … Continue reading Serrated – A Kompoz Collaboration Release!


My pumpkin – Indie rock

My pumpkin A Kompoz collaboration. Indie rock. joeyalomar, Joey T, Endicott New York USA JennyK, Jenny Brennan, Jasper Ontario Canada StratCas, Tony Cas, New York NY USA


Hounddogs – Adult alternative Collaboration

Hounddogs Adult alternative. Buy Hounddogs on SoundBlend – $0.99 Lyrics by jennyK Maybe I’m a star; the crowd calls my name. But I hear the howl, the call of the wild, maybe I can pay. Put it on the tab right there. Where angels fall to cry. Telling all the people gathered there. How it … Continue reading Hounddogs – Adult alternative Collaboration


Random picks from the archives:

She listens to you cry

A collaboration Joey T on drums. JennyK songwriter, lyrics, vocals, mix and more.

Hard wired

A collaboration. Jordanyk creator. Lucid rapper. JennyK spinoff producer lyrics and vocals.
All rights reserved.

Come be zombie

Alt art rock

For fun. What else? šŸ˜€

Open sky – Damaged goods

Alt art rock
One of those tracks that never feel right, never feel complete, never gets quite done.

Natural high

Art rock
Tony Cas – Creator, Robert Hall, mike griffin, Jenny Brennan – Lyrics Vocals.

Where normal is odd and weird is a virtue –