JennyK and this sundered world – What’s happening?

It’s a new year. Now, let’s do it all again.

And so much more. This is my first post on Studio Chaotic since July of last year and I have no good excuse for that. But it has been busy and many things have come my way that I will tell you all about. But it will be in bits here and bits there. I am working currently on an album on
It is a blast, I get to write lyrics, and sing my heart out. Along with various other collaborations on Kompoz it fills my days. I will post new music right here, right shortly.

Instead of talking myself blue about what I’m doing, let’s see what’s immediate and current while getting a sneak view on what we are doing and where it’s at. So listen to Bill. And, if that drummer is you? Come talk to us on Kompoz.

Be awesome, happy, and always supplied with coffee.

Jenny, Bill, and Jordi

The Trials – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original

The trials image - A very much dead bride

The trials – A Kompoz collaboration – (JennyK original)

Released July 16 2015
Art/prog- rock

Collaboration page


This would not have been the same without
vincentsaling from Strasbourg Alsace FranceĀ gave this song real life with his beautiful guitar work.
From Scotland; Nigel Robinson a.k.a Gemini added that beautiful smooth Bass and a final touch of strings
Thank you both for being part of this long in coming track.
JennyK -Songwriting, lyrics, vocals, various keys and pads, drums, mixing, mastering


This death of mine leaves me unsatisfied
But the darkness inside me is moving
and the thing that is me, the thing that was me
You burned my ass but don’t you worry
Don’t you worry
I won’t hurry

You burned my ass but don’t you worry

My body makes no sound down there in the ground
Where you laid me down
But you pray
You pray that I’ll stay
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Don’t you worry, i won’t hurry
I just bide my time
I bide my time
Cause my body makes no sound

This cold cold heart leaves me
Hungering, craving
There comes a day
There comes a day
Your flesh and your blood will satisfy me
This thing that was me
This thing that is me
You burned my ass
But don’t you worry, don’t you worry

My body made no sound as you lay me down
Into the ground and now you’re praying
My body made no sound as you lay me down
Into the ground
And now you’re praying I’ll be staying

There was a time
A life I can’t recall
But there must have been
I must have been

Reaching out from a flaming pire
A life tainted by lies
Chastised by fire
Screaming from out of endless punishment
A life broken by faith
Twisted by your beliefs

Then I left that pain
I left that life behind
But I’ll never forget

Your body makes no sound as I lay you down, Into the ground,
And you’re praying
Your body makes no sound as I lay you down, into the ground
Your body makes no sound as I lay you down, into the ground
There’s no time in hell
Your body makes no sound as I lay you down
I’ll see you around
Into the ground
Your body makes no sound as I lay you down
Hush now
Into the ground
Your body makes no sound as I lay you down
I bide my time
Into the ground
Your body makes no sound

Thanks for listening.
JennyK, Gemini, and Vincent at Kompoz.


House of Imp 14 – This is August – Studio Chaotic summer special 2014

Neon and Plum - Budgies in exercise wheel.

Hey, there truly are other people in the world!


Besides inner demons and a pet Imp that is

Jen talks to Nick, Dave, and Thomas about their philosophy of life. We hear some music from Thomas, some wise words from Imp, get a glimpse into a workaholics small pleasures, and sense a somewhat hot temper from Nick.


Music in this episode is composed and provided by this guy:

Thomas Ewel a.k.a Explendidos

can be found on:

Facebook fan page

And of course on

Some of the music, not necessarily in order of playing, are:

Intro, composed for this episode.
Blues Brothers High on Crack – Acid House
I wanna meet the devil
Sirens sea

Reservations for errors. And I’m missing a title . Hell, there’s no helping it; you will have to check out all of Thomas tracks to find the one I didn’t name. Trust me, it will be an enjoyable search! I’m a fan.

A new format, a different approach.

In this episode I tried out three different ways to include other human beings in the podcast. Call it a test if you will. I learned alot along the way while producing this and it has been delay after delay. Never mind the doubts in my own head about what i’m doing. I do intend to include people, talk about stuff that interests me if noone else, and things could get interesting. I learned, technically, how to do certain things even if I didn’t pull it off this time, I learned a few important things. I am grateful to all my three victims for agreeing to participate in this amateur production. I hope I can bribe you again.

Thank you!

And listeners; Thanks for listening. Leave comments and all that stuff. I can be found by asking Mr. Google for Studio Chaotic and JennyK. Chances are you’ll find something I don’t want you to find.

August 2014

Jenny K Brennan
Ontario Canada

House of Imp 11 – Time… What a relentless bitch.

Scenic river promenad view

A network of complications

I have the time. Now what?


There comes a day. Chances are it will be the day I forget to remember what I remembered to forget… to put my pants on in the morning. Yes, you can tell I’ve given this much thought can you not?



Jenny K Brennan Jan 10 2014