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Mother of Crow - 08 All the birds? (Second revision)

Chapter 8 - All the birds? There were no birds in the monastery gardens. They had gone silent along with everything else. As humanity went insane and nature lost its purpose for being, the forests and gardens grew still. With the dead quietly losing their meaning as well as their colouring, they faded in memory as well. With time they …
Written by JennyK
Categories: Fiction, MOC-Book

Mother of Crow - 07 Fred, can we go now? (1st revision)

The old man didn't actually scream. Frederico heard it nonetheless. An echo of his own cowardliness followed him when he escape the monastery corridor with John. Despite the old man’s assurance of a painless death, Frederico was sure he heard the old man dying. Not from poison. From claws and razor sharp blades tearing him apart
Written by JennyK
Categories: Fiction, MOC-Book

The now and again radio January 24, 2019 - - Introductory demo post for the upcoming "HOI Now and again segment on the House of Imp

A new thing in the House of Imp. A daily, weekly perhaps, audio status from the mind of JennyK and the life of Imp. What caught my ears on the news, what troubles are Imp hoping to get into. this post is a quick look at how it will appear. The track above is a placeholder for the future spoken …
Written by JennyK
Categories: News, Note

Do you thank your Alexa? Here's why I think you should. - A reflection

Do you thank your Alexa? Here's why I think you should.
So, you've got one of those. The Alexa, the Google assistant, the Cortana, the infamous Siri on your phone, tablet, computer, or of course that smart speaker sitting there on the counter listening.
Written by JennyK
Categories: Blog, The Smart Life
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