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Normality hardwired - NAG Radio for April 2020 -

Normality Hardwired - The Now and Again Radio What's happening on House of Imp? Nag Radio - an every Now And Again, show with the latest, dumbest, awkwardest, most absurdest but also a fair bit of the every day tedium of This House of Imp. In other words: business as usual. mentions: Hardwired on kompoz. Until next time... JennyK
Written by JennyK
Categories: Now and Again Radio HOI, The Now and Again Radio on House of Imp and jennyK - Serious Nonsense

Grendel - A Kompoz collaboration - JennyK Original

Grendel - A Kompoz collaboration - (JennyK original) Art/prog- rock About this song: I read books. Lots of books. I escape, sure I do. It's my safe place. And Recently I started listening to a podcast featureing fairytales the way they were written, not as they got cleaned up and polished by Disney. And those are disturbing, interesting, fascinating, and …
Written by JennyK
Categories: Music, music-collaboration
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