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Production demos, ideas, thoughts as a produce like a pro member

Here is where I’ll gather my productions. They may be academy mixes, my own songs produced to the best of my abilities with what I’m learning on the academy, or rants about gear and great music I find.

Thoughts on this:
I’m trying to learn the speakers I’m using, the room that I’m in, and how to listen to reference tracks and make the best out of them. I mess up every seven minutes on something stupid. This is heave on the low end at this point because…. Well, because I forgot to bypass something. But right now my ears are tired and I couldn’t make a correct mix decision if my life depended on it. Truly, I need to let this rest.

is getting a serious reality check and I have much more to research and learn. With the latest update to version 10.5, there’s still more to learn and get comfortable with.
So that’s where I’m at, what I’m doing, how I spend my days.

Produce like a Pro Academy.

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