Updated! Trying to keep this place alive – Can you help? Do listen, think about it, be well always.

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House of Imp

House of Imp and JennyK need your help.

JennyK here, listen, think about it, and be well. But please do it now, Friday will be too late!


(It is safe and secure, accepts paypal and creditcards.)


As of Jan 26th 2020, 8:50P.M
13 Donors have helped me today. . You all rock.
And you have all saved this website for this year, and more.
I’ll update this tomorrow. I’m amazed. Seriously.
Daniel, Bill, Rafael, Adrian, Emily, Nigel…. And several more – I don’t have your names. Thank you!

Total at this moment exceeds $250!

You all rock!

Breakdown of needs:
Jan 31 – domainregistration 1 year for jennykbrennan, $15 (approx.).
without this I have no access to my main email accounts.
Feb. 14th – Webhosting 1 year (webhostinghub) $150 (approx) Without this I have no hosting, no website, no access to my other email accounts.


House of Imp is the personal website of JennyK – Vocalist, lyricist, and co-producer in the melodic metal band
Icarus Machine.
It is also an intermittent
and collection of self-published

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