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  • What’s New Thursday, Dec 13 @ 5:38 - Latest news, thoughts, and things to come Wednesday Update! And it is out! Dissonance - New from Icarus machine - Check it out. This is the first song I have written that has become an Icarus machine song. That is very cool! It will not be the last. 😀 *** . Yeah, I'm updating the website, changing things around. Organizing stuff. Cleaning out crap. someone said recently, and I'm paraphrasing here, that he cleaned and reorganized his studio for stress relief. Yup, I feel you, Man! , I do that. And like my friend, i do that far more often than i like to admit. Cleaning is therapy. In other news: Hell yeah, Icarus machine is releasing a brand new single. Possibly today. Patrons at

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