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JennyK - Deep in thought at the fireplace

00 HOI – The contemplation corner with JennyK – (Flash Monologues) – Here goes nothing! A new solo non-podcast on House of Imp


JennyK FM – Introduction of another weird idea Introducing a new show on House of Imp, released here as teaser on House of Imp – Podcast. Check it out. The Flash Monologues can not b found on iTunes at this time. it exists as a feed on this website only. To add this feed to …


– What is House of Imp? – Promo

House of Imp is a podcast, a blog, a place evolving, dissolving, changing. This podcast is about anything and everything because we can’t decide what it’s about.


Jenny K Brennan and Bill Babcock along with Imp will create flash dramas, fiction reviews of the odd type, and showcase music both our own and from artists collaborating on Kompoz.com. But those are just a few examples of what might happen in the House of Imp.

The podcast has recently gone through a name change, a change in attitude, a drastic cleanup, and finally found a co-host. Bill Babcock joined House of Imp in the beginning of November 2017. At the time of writing this we are brainstorming content, producing episodes, and very much figuring out how this will work.
Later on we will explore the practical side of music collaborative work online. We will have politically incorrect fun and bash things we don’t much care for. Imp will get into trouble as always and now that he is outnumbered two to one, things could get interesting.


the schedule is currently monthly with chances of random episodes appearing at any time.

We hope you will enjoy House of Imp at least half as much as we enjoy creating it. Subscribe and tell us what you think.

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Jen, Imp, and Bill – Creating something new since 2017.

In the works and other news:

does the House of Imp have a dungeon? If so, what goes on there? Correspondent Imp is finding out.
Under production – HOI has had a somewhat involuntary hiatus in January. Things are a bit uncertain but all that means is that things will come when they come. Be easy, stay tuned in.


Coming up

– JennyK – Flash Monologues – A House of Imp Sideshow

JennyK FM The Flash monologues – A non podcast podcast. It’s personal, self-indulgent, perhaps funny, perhaps interesting, at times maybe sleep inducing. I’m fine with all of that. These are monologues and I will try to keep them short. But ultimately it is a diary. This feed will not be published to iTunes just now, …

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EV209 – Collaboration in progress: