About us and this!

About us and this

House of Imp Studio is the home of Jenny K. Brennan. Mixer, vocalist, lyricist, and co-producer in the melodic metal band
Icarus Machine.
It is also a
The Now and again Radio Podcast,
The Music we Love Podcast, and a collection of self-published

About JennyK:

Jenny K Brennan is a blind vocalist, writer, songwriter, lyricist and podcaster, a dreamer and an introvert that forces herself to be comfortable with exposure. Swedish Canadian with a half baked degree in micro mechanics and twenty years of tinkering with random crap like music and too many other random things to count, she now runs House of Imp, a podcast and website that tinkers with music and too many other things to count.

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Icarus machine can be found at
the Official Icarus machine website, and
The Facebook band page.
Drop in, say hello. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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How to support JennyK directly:

This fundraiser is to help with the costs of living, creating, communicating. Choose any amount or pick one. If you wish to support this site and me further, you can make recurring payments. Your help is what keeps this, and me, going. thank you for being a true supporter.
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Ways to join

At this time I do not promote user registration on the site. However, there is member only content. If you come across any of that, you will be able to register. Please do. 🙂

Want to write for House of Imp?

Let me know, after you read all about blogging on The House of Imp below.

Writing a blog for House of Imp is not going to pay. And it won’t make you famous. But there aren’t many rules beyond needing my approval. If you have been hanging around House of Imp at all, you know what types of posts would fit. A few suggestions are:
Tips and tricks on accessibility on the web.
Tutorials on apps such as Apple Logic Pro and other audio production software for blind and partially sighted users, interesting podcasts that everybody should hear, new accessibility related tech gadgets,.
And absolutely your thoughts on:
Fun or idiotic life-hacks you’ve tried, the last great book you read, your never before seen fun short fiction, reflections on life, community, society, social media, the complicated world of mental illness, and so much more.
What is important is that it’s from a personal perspective, has a bottomline of positivity, and doesn’t promote hatred of any kind. Note that being sad, scared, frustrated, disappointed or even angry is not the same as being a hater; it’s simply being honest.
House of Imp wants honesty, not drama.

Posting for the sole purpose of promoting some other site for no good reason is not going to fly on House of Imp. Shameless self promotion is okay though, go for it.

Additional information

House of Imp is a personal website operated from Ontario Canada, hosted by
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Privacy policy here .
House of Imp can also be reached via
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