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January 27, 2020

We made it to 2020, who would have thunk it.
This website is safe for the year thanks to beautiful people who answered my emergency ask for financial help. I’m feeling quite humbled at the moment tbh.
Icarus Machine is working on Fragile.
i’m writing and revising a couple of novels.
Some podcasting is underway too.
This very moment, which is the only moment there is, things are not bad at all. May it stay so.
Be well always.

November 13, 2019

So, I started a fundraiser. My microphone is failing me, so I would love help with a new one. Sounds easy enough. Well, it’s not. Psychologically and practically it’s tough. I keep thinking it’s a stupid thing to do. Why would anyone care. It’s the wrong time of year to ask people for money, even if it’s a few dollars. I’m not sick or homeless or in need of… anything truly critical for survival.
Someone said to me, “It’s a shot in the dark.”
I’m not sure what that actually means. but it doesn’t feel like encouragement.
Another issue that crops up is that since I do have a microphone, I use it so clearly I have one, my ask seems unnecessary and probably feels like a simple grab for cash.
I’m not sure how to think about that. It makes me doubt myself. Grab for cash? Well, no! But I’m sure that depends on who you ask too. First world problem in a nutshell.
but then I remember my actual situation and the reason why I started the fundraiser. It’s simply because the gear I have is failing and I have problems keeping it running while I record. Sometimes it’s fine for hours, some days I just walk away because there’s nothing I can do to finish my recording. If it fails me completely, I will not have what I need to do what I do between six and ten hours a day when production is ongoing. and at that time, it’s too late. It’s important to me, it’s that simple. and there are no margins to nibble at when there are no funds to begin with. 🙂
So I want to get ahead of it.
I prefer to prepare and plan to deal with problems ahead of time. But it feels like that’s not the way to go about it.
I don’t know.
But I’m thinking that I’ll bug you until you drop me a coin. I’ll keep asking, I’ll create videos like this to make updates, I’ll stay online and do what those in the know tell me to do.
And in-between bouts of social-networking angst and fights with my microphone, I’ll write. My novel now has the correct beginning which I posted yesterday. I’m digging into my next drafted chapter today. And maybe, just maybe, things will work themselves out some how some way.
So cheers and be well always.

October 8 2019:

To say that I’ve been on hiatus would be generous. M.I.A, lost in a whirlwind of crap, not able to get my head beyond all the things that are going wrong, now that’s more honest. But really, I’m not in the mood to flesh it out. I prefer to look ahead. Here are a few things of interest coming up/happening now. A blog post, some fiction, and another NAG Radio podcast may be in the cards too.
Icarus machine is working now on an EP. this collection strays far from the previous story driven “Sundered World” and will certainly be different. It is very much Icarus machine, just better. “Fragile” – remember that name.

But here’s the real news, All!
Icarus machine welcomes a real drummer! Like, this is huge and a long time coming. Seven07 a.k.a Ben Theobald has joined Icarus Machine. I will talk lots on this in the near future. We are very excited and happy to be able to say it’s coming together nicely, this band. We have one track for the upcoming EP ready and Ben’s drums are simply perfect. 😀

Okay, that’s it for the moment.
Stay cool, Friends. It’s never as awful as it seems, whatever it is.

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