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April 1 2019 Update in progress:

Nag radio coming later today.
Mother of Crow Chapter, Petty victories.

Thursday March 14


So it is out. Corium. Icarus machine’s second album. It’s been a bit weird. Since I don’t do promotion well, any kind of attention causes equal measures anxiety and “hell yeah!”. We have received a few requests/offers from magazines and web radio stations. Even and ask for signed pictures. That is actually quite awesome. It’s just too bad I don’t know how to react to it. Never mind how to deal with the practicalities.
Oh, as a “virtual” band, it’s not really possible to have actual pictures of us, sign and send. I would love to. I really would. In my particular case, photographs are a complication all of their own. As someone without sight and without sighted assistance, such a seemingly simple thing turns into a mile high obstacle. It feels like I fail those who are interested in our music, what we do, and what we are.
I know, it’s a sucky way to look at it. But it’s how it feels.
It’s the music that counts. I know. But recognition and a sprinkling of praise feels fantastic too. There’s no denying that.
But what about connecting to the audience?
Yeah, I suck.
If you listen to our music, you rock! Thank you. Know that I want to be the confident, interesting, fan-connecting prog band front woman you want to see and hear.
But I am not. and perhaps in the end, the music might have to speak for itself and all the rest can fall where it may. Love it or hate it, Icarus Machine will create more music. Whether I’m rock-star material or not. Whether this band ever comes together to play an actual gig in an actual physical location or not. The music will keep coming.

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