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  • Friday, January 18 2019
  • I have still not found a plugin that will hide the bulk of a WordPress post or page until you click on “Read More”. the funny thing is that the ones I’ve tried probably work for you. But somehow my screen reader can still access the text that is supposedly hidden. And that seriously defeats the purpose because… well, damn it, I work hard to make sure all my pages and functions and plugins are totally accessible for anyone using a screen reader i.e Text to Speech, so this shit should work for me too! Sometimes I despair. But I’m stubborn as sin and I will find something that works.
    I’m not your regular webmaster. I break shit and fix shit, all on a live site.
    Why? Because that is how life works. You don’t get to make a draft of your day and try it out first to make sure it’s not going to fuck something up.
    Ha! Take that, and like it.

  • Monday January 14 2019

    So there’s one more chapter to read in my novel in the making. Check that out below. 🙂 At the moment I’m pondering various audio options for making this place more interesting/more enjoyable to browse. I’ve checked a few plugins for text to speech. Amazon poly is probably great but it would cost me something, and I’m not clear how much. gSpeech is another one but it doesn’t seem to do what I want. Responsive something something TTS has an awful female voice and I’m quite picky. Sigh. So, what I want to do is to have a button to speak outlaid the post in question. These days it is not a big thing, but navigating plugins to find the stuff I’m going to be happy with is an entirely different can of worms. There’s of course the option of converting the posts I want to have spoken myself and use a standard audio player…. Uh, is that really something I want to spend my time on?
    Uh, no.
    So I’ll keep looking. While I do that, I write, I revise, and I wait for something to happen on the music front. Seems a bit slow at the moment.
    Until next time. Cheers

  • Saturday January 5 2019

    Happy new year… I guess. 😀 So what’s happening? I am currently revising chapters, rewriting some, writing others. I am talking about Mother of Crow, the novel in progress. Up for publishing are chapters 6 through 8. I’m just about to do some revision on chapter 9 – Smoke and ashes and a crazy clerk.
    Other than that, just getting through January could be tough. But no matter how I think about things, time moves on in a steady pace. That’s just how it is. At some point, on a day and a time sometime later, I will look back at today, tomorrow, and all that happened.
    Something like that. 😀
    Revision, editing, studying, keeping warm.

  • Monday December 31 2018

    And this is pretty much the end of this year. I can’t say it was a good one. So I won’t. But I’m not delusional enough to think that changing one number on the calendar will change things. Happy new year, You, if you care to celebrate it. Have fun. 🙂
    Other than that, I’m adding revised drafts to Mother of Crow. There are three more in the queue for posting. So I’m ahead of the game somewhat.
    Take care and don’t make promises you know you won’t be keeping.

  • Thursday December 20 2018

    So, there’s another chapter posted in my novel in progress. And I tried the new editor in the latest WordPress update and I hated it. I had to say something so I did that here. But the big thing this week is the conversion from http to https. This means the site is not labeled as insecure by Google Chrome anymore. Because it’s not insecure anymore! That is nice. 😀 On top of that, House of Imp is now GDPR compliant, although I have a few threads to tie up. So that makes it good on security as well as privacy.
    Oh crap, that shit is so boring I’m going to stop right there. It is done. Better late than never I suppose, and hopefully there will be no issues with broken links or other strange problems with this update.

    Check out the new Mother of Crow chapter 4 – Mundane things. And water. instead. Who wants to be bothered with WordPress particulars? I sure didn’t want to.
    Until next time, this is House of Imp and that’s where I’m at.

  • Sunday
  • New music on the collaboration page. I’m not done yet adding tunes, but it’s coming along. I try to get most updates done before my trial of mars Edit (Fantastic desktop blogging app.) runs out. I learned recently that I won’t be able to buy a licence for it. Scrivener is another app that I really want to keep using. They make my life so much easier. But I suppose easy costs money. Sigh. Yeah, sorry for the complaining today, but a Canadian government agency that I won’t even bother naming, has decided to kick us in the teeth just before Christmas. That is their way after all. 🙂 What bothers me the most in all of our financial issues is that agencies in this government don’t treat people like humans. and that’s that. i don’t know what more to say about that. We are not human because all our worth is define by the money they can rip from our grocery budget.
    I should stop there. It’s too depressing. Sigh.
    Better days ahead.

  • Wednesday
  • Update! And it is out! Dissonance – New from Icarus machine – Check it out. This is the first song I have written that has become an Icarus machine song. That is very cool! It will not be the last. 😀
    *** .
    Yeah, I’m updating the website, changing things around. Organizing stuff. Cleaning out crap.
    someone said recently, and I’m paraphrasing here, that he cleaned and reorganized his studio for stress relief. Yup, I feel you, Man! , I do that. And like my friend, i do that far more often than i like to admit.

    Cleaning is therapy.

    In other news: Hell yeah, Icarus machine is releasing a brand new single. Possibly today. Patrons at The choices of butterflies
    In other news, I had a good rant going but my machine decided it wasn’t having it. So into the void it went. I sincerely hope the Void Goblins will enjoy what I wrote because I won’t try to recreate it.
    I’ll be back.

  • Saturday December 1 2018
    Had an opportunity to sleep in. Didn’t happen. As things go, 5AM wakes me and I’m awake. Craving coffee. Wishing I could sleep longer won’t make it so. Sigh. So I tweaked the front page. Now I’m wondering why allowing comments on pages doesn’t work. Annoying. The rest of my to do list will have to wait while I enter the rabbit hole of WordPress trouble shooting.
    I shall return later with Mother of Crow Chapter 1. 😀
  • Friday November 30 2018
    Finally Friday. That’s what I’m supposed to say, right? Heh, we’ll just leave it at that. So my favourite plugin failed me and I had to do a workaround on the front page. A hack I don’t really like. but it will do for now. So I got started with publishing my novel in progress. The prologue is now available. I’m in a bit of a rush so you’ll have to find it yourself. 😀 And I got posting on Facebook. Ugh. If you know me, you know I am not a fan of that place. but it has its uses I suppose. Like fanpages and… Um, fanpages. I am seriously sore after running a hand sander for far too long this past week. My arms even complain about me typing this.

    Currently all I want is:

    A beer, a nice hot meal, a pillow and a bunch of blankets. I really don’t like winter.
    Catch ya later.

  • Thursday November 29 2018
    So after considering my first blog post in a while, I have decided to rewrite it. I needed to write it I think. But a rewrite to something not quite as personal would serve it better. And the reader too I’m sure. So there you go. : Postponed for a little while.
    In other news, I’m currently putting words and melody to this here tune:

    When that becomes hard on the brain, I try to find time to finalize vocals and mix this song here:

    And when my ears have taken enough of a beating, I cram as much contracted braille into my head as I can, and when that fails to fill my entire day, I have pine boards to san, floors to clean, paperwork to scan into readable digital text, and should I not do laundry? Nah, I’ll make sure I have something left to do for the time between 8:30 and 11 P.M.
    And I still have to set up a page for this new “news” section of mine. A new page? Uh, we’ll see.

    Catch ya later.

  • Wednesday November 28 2018
    So I spent most of this morning tweaking a plugin to display a list of all posts and pages that has been modified recently. Why? Well, I thought it would be a good idea. 😀 And I think it is. I’m cooking up a scheme for the front page where this daily or semi daily status report will show only a couple of days of my ramble, with a “read more” link at the end. Just haven’t gotten around to that yet. This stupid list, which you now can see further down on this page was more important. Between messing with plugins and frying my brain with short-code parameters and running a sander across a pine bannister under construction, I haven’t had much time for thinking about much of anything. And that’s kinda nice. I’ll be back. Got a blog to publish after all. 😀
  • Tuesday November 27 2018
    As I continue messing with the House of Imp front page, the back part of my mind plans for a guided tour of this place. With Imp as a not so helpful helper. It’s just for fun really. But, what the hell. So that’s coming in the next few weeks. At the same time I want to start publishing the new mother of Crow novel drafts here. It’s a work in progress and it is slow. But for you, dear random visitor, I’ll share what I have.
    Icarus machine Has an album to finalize and much of that will happen in December when work slows down for a bit for the man in charge of that. Sriracha The legendary a.k.a Bill will be on it like Canuck in a pot-shop. (Yeah, that shit is legal here now so the simile is applicable if rather awful. Sorry about that.)

    Deep thought of the day:

    “Uh. Laundry doesn’t fold itself? WTF?”

    Hated phrase of the week:

    “This may be a sentence fragment.”

  • Monday November 26 2018
    Surfacing… Starting with a blog post, updating the front-page, then I will try to figure out what all that Gutenberg bullshit is all about. If you’re not into WordPress, then don’t worry about it. It’s the crap behind the stuff that you see, what makes it tick, what makes it look the way it does — all that text, all those pictures, all that other stuff we usually just skim and forget. Again, don’t worry about it. Chances are I won’t bother either.
    But hey, I’m alive. I miss the podcasting. I want to write blogs again. I made this place but I neglect it. Maybe that’s coming to an end. Who knows. But for now, let me just start with a simple blog titled “The JennyK comfort zone trap – How I got there and why I can’t seem to leave” To be published Wednesday, that will tell it all. Well, most of it. All of it relevant, none of it very useful.

Be good to each other. This world needs nice. Talk to you soon.


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