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Six track EP – Pending release.


Corium Album Cover. A flayed man, a bible. Ancient statue.
Corium Album Cover. A flayed man, a bible. Ancient statue.
After two years it is finally finished. Corium is our second album and it is a couple of steps up from our debut album “This Sundered World” (2016). This album returns to the world created in the novel “A Mother’s Heart.” and the theme in this album expands the world and focuses on new characters. The companion novel to Corium – “Mother of Crow” is still being written with no release date in sight.
But Corium is very much ready and you can decide for yourself if it was worth the wait.
The album is currently rolling out on all the streaming services, such as:
Google Play,
and of course on
Check it out. 🙂

Dissonance – Single

Dissonance is done and out. Here as well as on Reverbnation and SoundCloud Where our other music lives too. 🙂

Patreon is a great thing. But if patrons are left hanging without much of anything, we deserve to be abandoned. We need to get our shit together, do something, get out there, all that good stuff. Meet our audience. Arghh! And that is as far as that thought goes. Circumstances, lack of time, excuses, fear… Something like that. We love making the music, the online stuff not so much. If you still would like to support us despite our definite crappiness, check out the link below. It would mean a lot. And thanks.

Visit our page on Patreon.com.

About us

The members of Icarus Machine came together late 2015 after collaborating online over several years on various projects with each other. The members, Bill Babcock, Jenny K Brennan and Jordi Ribas, hail from all over the world: Massachusetts, United States; Ontario, Canada; all the way to Galicia, Spain.
Having discovered they were like minded about music and art, they found a common vision and desire to create something different – a project encompassing music and literature where the music was subtext for the story and vice versa.
Their first album is written around the events in a novel written alongside the music. “This Sundered World” is a steampunk inspired story about Gabriel who finds himself alone in a sundered society, a world he knows nothing about. Gabriel and the characters he encounters became the inspiration for the music and lyrics on the album.

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