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Crystal and Stone, Beetle and Bone – A fantasy game by jennyK

Or do some reading on the Mother of Crow novel page. You know, the novel I’m writing as I publish it? 😀
Or check out one of my favourite episodes from the currently in stasis podcast House of Imp – The nonsense collective, House of Imp 21 – A gentle moment, a Relaxing Imp – Meditation made easy.
A meditation practice with Imp. Yeah, that Imp. Very…err, soothing? 😀

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  • What’s New Monday, Jan 14 @ 14:03- Latest news, thoughts, and things to come Monday January 14 2019 So there's one more chapter to read in my novel in the making. Check that out below. 🙂 At the moment I'm pondering various audio options for making this place more interesting/more enjoyable to browse. I've checked a few plugins for text to speech. Amazon poly is probably great but it would cost me something, and I'm not clear how much. gSpeech is another one but it doesn't seem to do what I want. Responsive something something TTS has an awful female voice and I'm quite picky. Sigh. So, what I want to do is to have a button to speak outlaid the post in question. These days it is not a big thing, but navigating plugins to find the stuff I'm going to be happy with is an entirely different can of worms. There's of course the option of converting the posts I want to have spoken myself and use a standard audio player.... Uh, is that really something I want to spend my time on? Uh, no. So I'll keep looking. While I do that, I write, I revise, and I wait for something to happen on the music front. Seems a bit slow at the moment. Until next time. Cheers Saturday January 5 2019 Happy new year... I guess. 😀 So what's happening? I am currently revising chapters, rewriting some, writing others. I am talking about Mother of Crow, the novel in progress. Up for publishing are chapters 6 through 8. I'm just about to do some revision on chapter 9 - Smoke and ashes and a crazy clerk. Other than that, just getting through January could be tough. But no matter how I think about things, time moves on in a steady pace. That's just… Read all of it.


Home is where I hang a microphone - JennyK at the vocal booth in Studio Chaotic, Jasper, Ontario 2017.
Home is where I hang a microphone - JennyK at the vocal booth in Studio Chaotic, Jasper, Ontario 2017.

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