Reapack – Extending functionality with scripts – Finding, installing, adding shortcuts- Part of How to Reaper for the Blind

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Reapack – how to use the darn thing.

Note on my system: For this demo I used Reaper 6.34, and Voiceover on Big Sur on Mac.

What is Reapack anyways?

Reapack is an extention for Reaper. It is free and easy to install and use in order to extend Reapers capabilities. It will enable you to search for custom scripts that can do anything from automatically load up a sample player with your favorite kick and snare to slicing audio into itty bitty pieces for some cool EDM or Breakbeat detail. These scripts can truly do just about anything someone might come up with. If something can be accomplished that is not built in to Reaper’s standard action list, you can bet someone created a script for it. The Reapack depository is whe all those goodies are.

(How to install Reapack post – coming as soon as I’ve recorded the demo for it. )
Note that this demo is created on a Mac. For this specific process, the procedure is the same on Windows.
Remember: Use F4 and F12 for the action list and shortcut help respectively. These keys are your friends.

A note on demos and tutorials: Some of my demos are created quickly because someone needed a demonstration quickly or an answer to a question while in a bit of a panic. This means that production and editing can be minimal or non-existant. It also means that they don’t go into depth and do not cover all options or related issues. The demo below is one of those.

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