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  • Tuesday December 18 2018

    Published Chapter 4 today. From this point the writing will become increasingly rough and more like outlines. this is where the rubber will need to hit the road for me.
    Mother of Crow book page

Mother of Crow – 06 never fear for this has been known (First rewrite)

Reading Time: 15 minutes Chapter 6 – never fear for this has been known “Wait here.” Frederico whispered to John. “Remember what to do? Okay?” John opened his mouth. Frederico silenced John with a raised hand. “Push. That’s all you need to remember.” John nodded carefully beneath his disguise. He whispered to Frederico’s feet, “Push. Fast.” Frederico nodded and …


Mother of Crow – 05 – A pleasant little town (Revised draft)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Chapter 5 A pleasant little town Gabriel listened with half an ear and none of his attention to Jesse’s pointless conversation with a mindless town official in the dirty little office. It had taken them less than a minute to realize that any hope of finding any sense or useful information would be a complete …


Mother of Crow – 04 Mundane things, and water (Revised draft)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Chapter 4 Mundane things. And water Mary turned off the tap from the water collector and moved the full bucket to one side. She reached into the tepid water and grimaced. Tendrils of slimy water vine stuck to her hand. She moved the hand in several small circles before pulling it out of the bucket. …


Mother of Crow – 03 – To panic or not to panic (Rewrite 1)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Chapter 3 To panic or not to panic A dusty pile of shattered butterfly, a bottomless pit of dread, a shattered future. All of that could be stuffed in Frederico’s memory hole and covered with some blissful ignorance. If it weren’t for the distant echoes of instant punishment and the true consequence of his failure …


Mother of Crow – 02 The choices of flutterbys (Revised draft)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Frederico breeds Butterflies. One butterfly. One very special creature. He tempts it with eternity and all knowing. The choices of flutterbys aren’t always so straight forward.


Mother of Crow – 01 – Just another day for Owl who certainly deserves a break (Revised)

Reading Time: 3 minutes A scout flittered down in front of Owl and tweeted brokenly through a scrap of paper. It spat out the paper and flittered off. It rose to the dark cave ceiling and vanished through a narrow crack in the dark stone. The opening to the coastal plane above allowed the remodelled finch through, but only barely. Owl watched the messenger until it was gone before he cocked his head and glanced suspiciously at the note. Paper?


Mother of Crow – Prologue – Build me pretty. Indeed. Oh thank you, My Lord, is there anything else you can do to me? (Revised )

Reading Time: 16 minutes “Isn’t she a beauty? Such a marvel. Just see those lines and how it all fits together.” He interrupted himself “jenks?” Lord Lee Reginald Maddow, outfitted in his finest, already well on his way to flat out drunk, looked around the crowd in search for the man in question. He frowned and waved his brandy glass in irritation at no one in particular, splashing licker on his white starched sleeve “Oh there you are.” Maddow’s face split into a grin as his chief surgeon, or scientist, or body magician, or whatever the hell they called themselves these days, hurried through the crowd….

`This Sundered World - A Mother's Heart - Book cover

This Sundered World – More than music! Get the whole story

Reading Time: 2 minutes This Sundered World – Get the whole story. Icarus Machine – the band This Sundered World – The Album – iTunes The book. The Icarus Machine vision is based on the interaction between fiction and music. And as a lyricist and author as well as vocalist, this is such a fascinating concept for me. This …

A Mother's heart - Steam punk Momma

A Mother’s heart – This Sundered World – The first chapter.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Excerpt from This Sundered World Chapter 1 – A mother’s heart “Don’t forget, don’t forget! The heart, the heart. Ticking clicking whirring. Oh poor me, have to see. See this. Don’t forget, don’t forget.” Bird “Oh no you don’t. I can’t. Shit, spit god fuck. Shit you don’t do this to me. Oh no, not …

Sky full of clouds

Sky – A shortstory

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sky A fantasy short story. By Jenny K Brennan Sky “Hey cutie, you’ve been sniffing that beer for almost an hour now. What’s crawled up your ass?“ Without waiting for an answer, the woman put her frosty drink on the table and sat down on the seat opposite to the sad puppy. She used both …


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