Fearless – Chapter 9 – Simply magical

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Fearless – A web serial

Chapter 9 – Simply magical

The door opened, a frame filled with brilliant light, obscuring anything else. Not nothing, but the something silhouetted by blinding light didn’t start until half way down the opening. Something too small to be a man, too wobbly to be a child, unless it was a very horse legged stumpy child. The little person carried something through the door and kicked it shut with a heal. A very small voice with a huge sound spoke through my amazement and I knew that whatever “the plan” had been, this was not part of it.
“Dinky!” The voice said, “You can turn on the light again my friend. And you don’t need to hit me over the head with that bottle either. Ms Malone here has no wish to watch you bludgeon an innocent little dwarf I am certain. Isn’t that correct Marcy dear?” The silence was complete, the darkness intact. The little person sighed heavily and snapped two fingers. The cell was bright and inescapable once more. I stared at the ugly thing standing next to a dumbfounded Dinky. Oh, that’s just great. An oaf and a dwarf. I really did know how to pick them didn’t I?

“How did you …?” Dinky pointed a limp finger in the general direction of the light bulb in the ceiling, speaking very slowly. I was almost proud of him for not stuttering or slurring which must have been very hard not to do. Judging by his awed expression it was his first ever encounter with something magical.

The dwarf looked at him for a second and then he got it. He snapped his fingers and the light blinked out.
“Oh, you mean that?” He snapped again and the light returned. He smiled and nodded towards me.
“Marcy here can shed some light in the matter I am sure.”

I raised my eyebrows as it dawned on me. I snapped my fingers. It was a bit awkward as they were chained but after a couple of tries I got the right sound out of my numb fingers and the light vanished. A strangled gasp made me pity the fool and I triggered the sound-activated switch with another snap.
“Not magic my dear fellow, only modern gadgets I’m afraid.” He looked at the shining bulb wistfully for a moment and sighed. “For now.” Names Garphy my dear little big fellow and strung up smelly lady.” He made a stiff bow and handed the tray to Dinky. Slightly flushed Dinky took it. Garphy brushed his hands together and walked over to me where he stood silently for a moment, just looking up at me. He frowned and took a closer look at my hands and wrists. He pursed his lips and clapped his hands twice.

The metal around my wrists fell away with a tiny click and a not so tiny metal clamour. My hands fell heavily with a groan and the rest of me followed right behind them. I fell forward on my face, in the dirt. Garphy’s “Oh dear me.” echoed in my head as I blacked out without even snapping my fingers.

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