About us and this!

About us and this

Jenny K Brennan is a blind vocalist, writer, songwriter, lyricist and podcaster, a dreamer and an introvert that forces herself to be comfortable with exposure. Swedish Canadian with a half baked degree in micro mechanics and twenty years of tinkering with random crap like music and and too many other random things to count, she now runs House of Imp, a podcast and website that tinkers with music and too many other things to keep count.
This space:

The website originated sometime in the late nineties on a shared server and with a long since defunked name and grew up with hacky HTML and crappy graphics. One could argue that it’s much the same today, just with better code, nicer images, and easier administration. WordPress be praised.

Imp somehow popped into existance sometime around 2010 after reading and absolutely loving Justina robson’s “Quantum Gravity” series of books. To this day an all time favorite.

Bill Babcock, composer, producer, guitar player, collaborator and friend, joined House of Imp as co-host in November 2017 after nearly four years of various musical collaborations on kompoz.com and two years of working in the prog-metal band Icarus machine (Formed 2015)

A podcast, a way of life, creativity, anxiety, music, and more.

As of February 2018, no podcasts will be produced and existing episodes live in archives and memory only. This may or may not be permanent. We shall see.
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B well.


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