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Have story, will code - Do I need another obsession? ? Interactive fiction calling - again. The ideas that won't go away.

Interactive fiction - Another game? I wonder, as I so often do. : I sometimes get this uncomfortably sharp urge to write another epic Interactive Fiction game.. Several ideas sit and wait just a folder browse away. All I have to do is awaken that obsessive part of me and let it dominate. There's just something very soothing about building …
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Thank you! House of Imp lives another year.

Another year for House of Imp - Thanks to you! An emergency ask for help was posted here and anywhere I could think of yesterday, Sunday 26th 2020. And here is what happened. Not only did you help me with the webhosting fee for this year, with your help I could also pay the over due internet bill (Rural internet …
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Updated! Trying to keep this place alive - Can you help? Do listen, think about it, be well always.

House of Imp House of Imp and JennyK need your help. JennyK here, listen, think about it, and be well. But please do it now, Friday will be too late! Help! (It is safe and secure, accepts paypal and creditcards.) ************ Update As of Jan 26th 2020, 8:50P.M 13 Donors have helped me today. . You all rock. And you …
Written by JennyK
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