JennyK and Audient. One of the better changes. :) EVO 8 Offers ‘True Access’ To Blind Audio Producer

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EVO 8 Offers ‘True Access’ To Blind Audio Producer

25th September 2023

Jenny Brennan has worked her way through a few audio interfaces over the years. Using EVO 8 however has stopped her in her tracks. “Losing sight later in life, I’ve encountered so many situations that make me critical of the state of accessibility in software, on the web – and in society as a whole. It’s true that I have gone through a number of interfaces since starting working with audio. Yes, they were great pieces of gear and they served me well, technically. But in the end I have felt excluded at every turn,” says the prog metal vocalist, producer, mix engineer and educational live streamer…
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Take care, be well.


Blind people hate change!

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It’s something I hear often. And I agree.
I think.
Well, actually, it’s much more complicated than that.

Change is bad. Until it’s not.

Ah, there we go. How should I say this to not sound like an ass.

Oh, never mind, can’t be done. I’ll just say it,

It fucking depends!


Three words into this post I realized that the perpetual rant of opinions, biases, anxieties, fears, and downright ignorant beliefs living in my head will not make the world a better place by being said out-loud. Or, as in this case, frenetically typed into a wordpress classic editor.

See? that’s one change I don’t like. I refuse to change the editor I use in WordPress.
However, I could if I wanted to, I suppose.

Ultimately, I will always and hereafter in perpetuity, reserve the right to change my mind.

Change is good man. It exercises the brain, the heart, and everyone around you.

Change is good. Until it’s not.

Need I say it again? Really?

It depends.

Take care and be well.