Crossing The Line – Vocal mix Demo [In the House of Imp Studio

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Crossing the Line

This song started as an instrumental  track on Kompoz by Bill Babcock with drums by Andrea Spaziale. The song was left untouched for a while. Until Rob Glass added bass. This is my mix and production with my somewhat unsolicited lyrics and vocals.

This mix will be up for live feedback on
Produce like a Pro with the following notes:
Update: After Bobby confirmed my feeling that the vocals were simply too overpowering, I pretty much worked them over completely and decided to thin down the synths to make room. I find it hard to balance these instruments and hesitate to use the mute button too much. However, since this was never meant to allow for vocals, I might be fighting a losing battle. I think I’m slowly getting to where I want it. I could spend even more endless hours on automation, but I might need a bit of distance to it first.
Mixed in Reaper.
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At the House of Imp Studio.