Gideon – a kitchen quest — Interactive adventure

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Gideon – A kitchen quest

Can you save Teddy?

A nightmare mother, a beloved toy bear, Pea soup for supper; what else could you ask for?

Originally written in 2008. Right now in 2022 I’m debugging and editing this game. If you are a beta tester or just a player with thoughts, ideas, and opinions, please do get in touch.

Contact me here.

Note! Parchment appears to not work for me in Safari. It might be an issue on my end or with website configurations so do give it a try. You could be luckier than I am. I honestly do not know why and right now I can’t make it a priority to fix. But until it does get sorted and if it doesn’t work for you, it’s better to download the file and play it using your interpreter. Sorry about that.
Update: It appears to be a file permission problem on my webhost. And specifica to Safari for some reason. This is fixable with a workaround but it might take a bit before I deal with it. Google Chrome seems to do fine though. So there you go; one more reason to dislike Safari, if you could be bothered. 😀

Play this game in your browser via Parchment.

Or download the game file here.”
This file is a .z5 game to be played using an interpreter such as Winfrotz, Yasmin, etc.

Have fun.