Thank you! House of Imp lives another year.

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Another year for House of Imp – Thanks to you!

Thank you!

An emergency ask for help was posted here and anywhere I could think of yesterday, Sunday 26th 2020. And here is what happened. Not only did you help me with the webhosting fee for this year, with your help I could also pay the over due internet bill (Rural internet access is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. ).
So yes, I made those payments late last night.
Total raised just over $400

Thank you for caring

You can continue supporting House of Imp and me — even when it’s not an emergency, there are always costs —
Become a monthly donor on House of Imp.

(And I can’t not give kudos to Paypal for creating such a smooth fundraising and money transfer experience. I am quite impressed with the way Paypal has taken accessibility to a new level these last few years. Paypal’s accessibility is truly superb.)

Let’s get right back to business, shall we?Here’s what’s up at the moment:



Podcasting: We are working on a new Music we Love podcast featuring one of our favourite collaborators from No, I’m not telling. We didn’t ask yet. πŸ˜€
Writing: I am currently, alongside writing the second Sundered World novel “Mother of Crow”, revising the first book “A Mother’s Heart” which was edited and published in a rush. It is quite rough to be honest. Whether it is a good idea to work on the two books at the same time is unclear. πŸ™‚
Icarus Machine: We are working on the EP “Fragile. Vocals are mostly recorded and we are waiting for some stuff, hesitating on other things, doing all the things. In other words, it’s all a big pile of confusion and scattered workflows- Until it’s not. Wish us luck.
JennyK in real life: Living in a house turned complete mess in preparation for the unavoidable sale come spring/summer. — Let’s just say , shit will happen whether we want it or not and one day I’ll think back on this winter, lie and say, “maybe it wasn’t so bad.” πŸ™‚

House of Imp is the personal website of JennyK – Vocalist, lyricist, and co-producer in the melodic metal band
Icarus Machine.
It is also a
The Now and again Radio Podcast,
The Music we Love Podcast, and a collection of self-published