House of Imp 08 – Christmas – Bah!

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A network of complications

Christmas – (The sound of)

Just wishing you all a very merry… 🙂


That is the sound of freezing rain on my studio window. Don’t you just love christmas?

I don’t. I couldn’t care less. I mean, it’s cute and all; greedy kids and frantic parents. Grandparents bending over backwards to give people things they can’t afford to pay for.

Christmas songs twenty-four/seven. On all channels. It will be over soon.
I don’t mind the food. That’s fine. If someone would, you know, have the energy and the will and would enjoy making it. But nah.

I’ll have probably spaghetti on christmas day. Today is christmas eve which is usually when I celebrate christmas, being scandinavian and all. Or Sweed. But. You know.
So. Just enjoy your holiday or enjoy your days off if you have it. Enjoy your family, enjoy your gifts, enjoy your food; I wish you a merry christmas.
And I actually do, believe it or not. Because I know that most of you listening now probably do enjoy christmas one way or another. So, you have fun.
By the way; it’s christmas. Political correctness in this country be damned, it’s christmas, not some anonymous holiday. So I’m gonna grab myself a coffee. I’m gonna finish my breakfast of V8 and I’m gonna enjoy my day whether I like christmas or not.

So there. I’ll talk to you later. Bye bye.

Jenny K Brennan Dec 24 2013