House of Imp 12 – Edumecation – I done learn good last year.

Ice is not safe. Here's woman down as rescue dog searches pockets for provisions.
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A network of complications

Will I ever learn to know things?


I’ve learned so many bad habits and damaging patterns of thought in my life. Sometimes I think I’m so mart I can top a tar. Wohoo. One thing I’ve learned is that unlearning happens in small chunks; slowly. Here’s my list of things learned during 2013.

Now if I can just found the grammar books I lost it someplace.



I learnded good.

I do try to learn one new thing every day. It doesn’t always happen that way but now I have gathered up the more important lessons from last year 2013. Since this is a new year I’m going to use those lessons to learn other things or avoid mistakes.

I have learned that my dog is insane; He has a craving for V8 which is a vegetable juice and I can’t open a can without him pawing at me.

I have learned that audio terms are stupid. A limiter is used to get a loud mix. When you pull the threshhold down the volume goes up. And what the hell is an expander? I haven’t learned that yet. No wonder it’s taking me forever to learn.

I have learned that there are no good excuses not to finish what you started.

I have learned that there are many many many many bad excuses that are almost as valid.

I have learned that all gear are not created equal.

I have learned that nobody is perfect and

It’s hard to move back in with your parents.

I have learned that too much coffee gives me gut rot and not enough food gives me a headache.

I have learned that if I don’t do dishes for a few days they pile up.

And I’ve also learned how much I hate doing dishes.

I have learned that having a husband that cooks food every day is essential to my survival.

I have learned that guitar picks disappear in this studio. If you don’t believe me bring all of your picks here and watch them vanish.

I have learned that cables will not untangle themselves.

Another important thing I’ve learned is that I do my best work between three and seven in the morning.

I have learned that Golden retriever furr is bad for vacuum-cleaners. If you don’t believe me you can borrow mine. The dog, not the vacuum-cleaner.

I have learned that guitars sure as hell don’t tune themselves.

Canadian winters suck ass.

And spiders live in the corners of this studio. I’m so glad I can’t see them.

So, what did you learn last year?

Jenny K Brennan Jan 12 2014