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Icarus machine and Corium – Join us on Patreon

So Corium, our second album, has been in the works for two years. It is finally ready. The release date is yet to be determined. Even after the music is done, there are so many things to do.
Some of those things do carry a cost. And that’s where you come in. We need you to join us in making this happen without too much pain.
So why not support your favourite webmaster and her band?
When you support Icarus machine — the band, you also support JennyK and The House of Imp. And let’s be honest; you might hate prog-metal. Or any metal come to that. You might even hate steam-punk fiction. But that’s perfectly fine. This creator of music, words, and the House of Imp website just needs support to do what she loves to do. Becoming a patron is the easiest way to give your support. It’s easy for me and easy for you. When you join patreon and decide to support your favourite creator, you give up a few of dollars every month. And that, believe it or not, makes a difference.

So here is where you can go to do just that. Become a patron- It’ll make you feel good

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JennyK and Icarus Machine now on How to support the band. Become a Patron !

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Fan funding at its best Patreon connecting fans and the artists they want to support

Icarus Machine looking for supporters. Our fans are what makes us happy. But fans can also help us continue creating. And here is how.

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From our patreon page:

“Icarus Machine is creating Prog-Metal Music and Steampunk Fiction. It’s all story.

After nearly a year of writing and producing our music from our different parts of the world, from Spain, to Canada and the United States, we have released our first album, “This Sundered World”. The first book in the steampunk inspired fiction series of books with the same name has been released simultaneously. Our goal is to continue creating music and tell stories. In This Sundered World there will always be something to tell, whether it is in a fast metal tune about a clockwork guardian with ill intent, a prog-rock dive into insanity or a chapter about Gabriel looking for the end of the world. This is what we love to do and any support will make it easier for us to express the vision we have.”

Check out the rewards. Some cool stuff there. 😀
And it’s easy. Become a subscriber for as little as $2 per month and get your reward
• The album “This Sundered World” 
• The companion novel “This Sundered World” Kindle edition.
Update: The novel This Sundered World – A Mother’s Heart is no longer available. It has been withdrawn and is going through a considerable re-write. 
• Your name on our Wall of Guardian Survivors.

Become a patron!

Other ways to support the band are to:

Buy yourself some really cool merch here, or

buy the prog-Metal album “This Sundered World” by Icarus Machine” on iTunes.

Whichever way you choose is okay with us. And money is not everything. Tell your friends, tweet, just listen to what we do, or simply connect with us on

Thank you!
Bill, Jordi, and Jenny. We thank you from USA, Spain, and Canada.

Icarus Machine
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