Side-chains – Ducking music using voice – Finicky and powerful use of Reacomp. Using Mac and VoiceOver on , Reaper and Osara.

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Side-chains – Ducking music using voice. A finicky and powerful use of the Reacomp compressor

Note on my system: For this demo I used Reaper 6.42 and Voiceover on Big Sur on Mac.

Wait, side what? Is that something I’ll ever need?

Maybe, maybe not.
but chances are that at some point you will need to know how it’s done. If you work with spoken word production, you most certainly will need that skill.
Yes, there are other ways to accomplish the same effect as the one I will demonstrate here. Those I will demonstrate in other tutorials. There are gates, there is automation, there is manual item gain. I’ll show how to do all of those in future posts.

Here’s the deal

it’s not about one method is better than any other. it’s all about what works for you, your workflow, and your particular production and sometimes need for speed.
This approach is a really quick way of making one track control the volume of another. As long as you know how it’s done it’s a matter of a few minutes. Set it and forget it for a decent result.

And that’s the only preamble I will allow this time.

Listen to the demo

Or download the mp3. If download doesn’t start, do Ctrl Opt. M and select save linked file.


Note that this demo is created on a Mac. It does mention all the relevant shortcuts but still assumes basic knowledge of Voiceover.
A note on demos and tutorials: Some of my demos are created quickly because someone needed a demonstration quickly or an answer to a question while in a bit of a panic. This means that production and editing can be minimal or non-existent. It also means that they don’t go into depth and do not cover all options or related issues.
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