House of Imp 09 – Small things – Big difference

Moth Macro - Archived episode
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A network of complications

Small things


I am grateful. Once in a while.


Small things.

I don’t have a gratitude list that I keep adding to or reminding myself about but it’s still there nonetheless, at times. Right now, strange as it seems even to me, I’m grateful for that freezing rain. Because the fields around here they are, right now, smooth as pavement; hard and easy to walk.

For three days now we have been taking long, long walks around the fields without the cane for me, without holding on to anything and for me that’s a bit of freedom. Just a tiny touch of freedom because I haven’t done that in years.

Always need an arm. Always need that cane, Always need something to hold on to or be guided by. So, I’m just hoping it stays like thisand we can keep walking.

The dog loves it and so do I.

So that’s what I’m grateful for today: snow and ice.

Small things.

Jenny K Brennan Dec 26 2013