Dissonance – New from Icarus machine – Melodic Metal – Written by JennyK

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Dissonance – Single

by Icarus machine 2018
Written by Jenny K Brennan.
With guitars, mixing, mastering and production by Bill Babcock.
With the always amazing Jordi Ribas on the bass.

While we ramp up work for our next major release, -We give you Dissonance.

About this song:

Dissonance is a song that defies genre. It’s prog-rock, goth-rock, emo, and a bit of experimental. but mostly it’s defined by the emotional tension and disregard for standards that is typical JennyK. I’m glad to have Icarus Machine with its own particular style of metal produce this song.



Lyrics by jenny K Brennan

I said hi, I said hello, I said I think that I need you.
You said hey, you said sure, what do you need me for?
I said oh, never mind, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.
I’ll do it on my own.

It takes two to pitch a proper fight.
It takes two to propagate a lie.
It takes two to pose a question.
It takes two to play a proper game.
It takes two to make someone believe.
It takes two to build a connection.
But only one to shut it down.

At the end of the day I just wanted someone to know me.
At the end of my song I am dissonant.
At the edges I’m frayed.
At the end of the night I just wanted somewhere to belong.
A place where I can always go.
At the end of the day I just wanted you to hear me in my dissonance.

It takes two to pitch a proper fight.
It takes two to validate a lie.
It takes two to make a friendship.
but only one to let it die.
It takes two to play a proper game.
It takes two to make someone believe.
It takes two to build a connection.

At the end of the day I just wanted someone to care that I feel at the end of my line.
I don’t know what’s beyond here, beyond here.
At the end of the day I just wanted someone to know me.
At the end of the day I just want to know I matter.
To you.

It takes two to pitch a proper fight.
It takes two to propagate a lie.
It takes two to change perception.
But only one to see it my way.
It takes two to play a proper game.
It takes two to build connection.
but only one to break it down.

This separation is all mine.
Anxiety is blind.
I know in my mind you’re all around.
But at the end of the day it’s just me, myself, and I.
In your voice I hear reason.
In your absence I hear treason.
After all, that’s what I came to know.

It takes two to pick a different fight.
It takes two to ease somebody’s fright.
It takes two to make perfection.
But only one to deny.
It takes two to start a different game.
It takes two to build another faith.
It takes to to make connection.
but only one to break it down.

I said hi, I said hello, I said I think that I need you.
You said hey, you said sure, what do you need me for?
I said hi, I said hello, I said I think that I need you.

Icarus Machine – Sundered Records 2018

How we collaborate remotely – By Bill – Icarus machine Production

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How we do it. Icarus machine – Collaborating remotely

Bill here with a quick glimpse into how Icarus Machine do what they do. This track is called “Breeding Scars” .

In the next video, Jenny will attempt to show her side of that very same process. It’s different to be sure.
The D.A.W we work in is Apple Logic Pro X. Bill is in MA, U.S.A, Jordi is in sunny Spain, and jennyK populates the Booth of Doom up here in Ontario, Canada.


Icarus Machine releases debut album and novel This Sundered World is more than prog-metal. Find it all here

This Sundered World - Album cover
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Icarus Machine

Today Icarus Machine released their debut album and the companion novel with the same name.

This Sundered World

Read: The start of it all – by Bill Babcock.

The album can be found on:


The novel

Update: The novel is no longer available. It has been withdrawn and is going through a considerable re-write.

Icarus Machine can be found here:

The Facebook band page,
and on

Find our merch here:
Icarus Machine – The Goods. T-Shirts, mugs, and more.

And it all started here:

On Kompoz.com in 2015, where the members of Icarus Machine got together, found common ground, got some crazy ideas, and started working. And here we are. More to come.

Bill Babcock, Jordi Ribas, JennyK. We are Icarus Machine!

Icarus Machine Band Image
Icarus Machine Band Image – Bill Babcock, Jordi Ribas and Jenny K Brennan

Icarus Machine and Sundered Records 2016

The validity of online bands – A band members perspective

Press photo VK Interview 2006
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This virtual band – Is it real?”

What does it mean to be an exclusively online band?

There are probably as many answers to that as there are online bands currently online. 😀 But as always, I have my own take on it and and it is slightly troubled.

It is a normal thing these days – collaborations between individuals that do not, and may never, meet in real life. It’s getting easier and easier to pull it off. There are problems with it but in my case, the advantages are overwhelming. Without places like Kompoz.com I would not be on the path that I am. A member of a great band with a serious album release coming up.

But is it as valuable and “real” as a “normal” arrangement where things happen within a studio space, a garage, a basement, or at a gig in the local bar?

Well. Of course it is.

I say that with confidence because I know it is true. But do I say it with true feeling and belief?

I don’t know. And that bothers me.

Or maybe it bothers me more that I would love to jam in the studio with those I create music with and that is something that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. 🙂

But back to the point; The validity of online bands.

When this phenomena started to appear, they were commonly called “Virtual” bands. And that has done quite a bit of harm in my perspective. The word “Virtual” means “Not real”. And if you don’t think words have power, then think again. Using those words in a sentence becomes a big hole that is hard to climb out of. Let’s just take this short conversation and see what is really going on:

What is said:
“Hey pal, I just joined a virtual band, I’m the guitar player. is that cool or what?”
What Pal is hearing:
“Hey Pal, I just joined a pretend band, where I pretend to be a rock star on the internet, where nothing is real, Is that cool or what?”

What Pal says:
“Yeah? Sounds like fun.”
What Pal is thinking:
“Yeah? You chatting on skype about guitar hero, hoping to get a record deal? Good luck with that!”

Yeah, I know. That sounds really bad. An maybe it’s not quite like that anymore. But moving away from the word “Virtual” hasn’t quite repaired the damage done. At least not for me.

But isn’t the issue more about my personal experience of always believing that music is a “hobby”? -hobby, another word that I wish I could delete from my vocabulary. Another powerful word that in my mind means; “Something that doesn’t matter.”

Yes. I think so. I believe my view is skewed toward the negative. So back to why I am so troubled and what I can do about it.

The trouble is a lack of confidence. This has no quick fix. But it is growing, and here’s how:

By doing what I love and worrying less about what other people think. slowly learning that what I do is okay. And that it has value. Slowly, but surely, I’m learning to say “This is my band, we are the bomb! Come check this!” With true feeling and belief. 😀

By not using that word at all. Instead of saying “Online band”, just say “band” Who would know the difference? Is there really a need to point out that we don’t tour, we don’t gig, and we’ve never met? Really? Because if I really probe at how I feel when I say I’m in an online band” vs “I’m in a band.” Now, I choose the latter.

By abolishing the word “hobby” in the studio. In all seriousness; Working ten hours a day without pay is work. And just because it is work I created myself because I love it, does that make it a hobby? Hell no. But isn’t that the crux of the matter? The definition of work Is “I do this, you give me money.” The work we do is different and the rewards are different. But that doesn’t make them less.

By moving forward.
The truth is that any band, online or not, actually doesn’t have a product to show until the work is done. Rare are the magical appearances of record company representatives offering a generous advance, promising fame and fortune. No. We do the work first, then we let it out, let it live, and hope for the best. And it’s still not free, still no paycheck. And that has to be fine.

And the simple truth is that it is! It has to be fine because the bottom line is: I do what i am, and I am what I do. And at the end of this page, after calling it out in the open, the word “virtual” has somehow lost part of its power. I still can’t say the word “hobby” without cringing, but I am like all the creations I’ve imagined and sometimes brought to life. A constant work in progress.

JennyK. From the Dungeon of curiosities and psychiatry – third padded cell on the left.

The Flanger Perception – A music production snapshot from the making of “This Sundered World” by Icarus Machine

Beyond the iron gate. Painting.
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The flanger perception

A music production snapshot from the making of “This Sundered World” by Icarus Machine. .

So there is this song. And there are these wave files that I created by yelling miserably into the microphone, because that is what the song warranted. So I was a bit intimate with the mic. It happens right? And the take turned out just how I wanted it. I didn’t really check the result in the file.

So that’s all fine and dandy. Files are sent to Bill. He puts them in place, sounds great.

Except for this little click I hear. It annoys me. Now, fast forward a few weeks when we go back and forth working on the mixes for this album – This Sundered World. Many things are redone and fixed, and straightened out. But that click is still there.

Bil: “Where? I can’t hear it.”

Fast forward some more. I’m ready to bite my fingers off.
Bill is ready to send me to the lunatic asylum. I’m hearing things all over the place.
Finally we get some other problems taken care of, everything is fine.

Except for that click. That damn click.

Bill: “Where? I still can’t hear anything.”


Bill: “Well, there is that tiny little click there. I thought it was part of the flanger.”


Bill: “Oh. What are the F-ing odds of that? It’s in the flanger. Shut that off and it’s gone.”

Me: “Ah.”

Bill: “the main shape of the flanger setting is rectangular
with no smoothness, it’s got a vertical transition across the waveform axis. All I did was change the shape of the flange and it’s fixed.”

At that point I glazed over and started thinking about other things. Not that I don’t understand it, but there is a reason I sing. I can be a tiresome pain in the ass and in the end Bill will fix the bad I create, and I don’t need to understand waveform politics.

Me: “So it wasn’t all my fault then?”

Bill: “Well, if you had been singing it differently…”

Me: “Blow me.”

So, In the end I’m not going to the asylum, although I’m certain that Bill will find more reasons to send the dreaded men in white to Ontario. But I can deal with that.
more importantly; I will check my files more often. And Bill will never again trust a flanger.

JennyK – From the dungeons of phase shifting and zero-crossings.