Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 – yeah, I gave it three minutes. Useless crap I can live without.

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Crap, I tell ya!

I have but a few words to say about the new editor in WordPress’ latest update. Their new fancy editor has become cool and intuitive and modern and flexible…. errr, and totally fucking useless! If you like it, then I know that you are sighted. I am not. The accessibility that WordPress has worked so hard on the last decade or so did not make it into the new Gutenberg editor. Yes, the buttons are there, in all the wrong places. The functions are there, without following any logical workflow thinking.

So I gave it about three minutes before installing the “Classic editor” plugin to write this post. I did notice that this plugin had, after only a few weeks since the upgrade , been installed over a million times. I spend a fair amount of time in the plugin directory and you don’t get numbers like that if users are not desperate to get it.

Again – “Classic editor” . Search for it, install it. Maybe you wish to try out the new editor with time,, maybe not. But if you are like me and like speed and efficiency in your post creation as well as rely on access technology such as screen readers, do not fight with Gutenberg. It’s not worth the frustration.

Classic is good.


WordPress tidbits – Archived – Twitter lazy? Get Tweetily!

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Get Tweetily to post for you! Easy, accessible, and free plugin for wordpress.

Update December 2018:
I don’t use this plugin anymore and I’m not sure about it’s current state. Hopefully it’s going strong, just not on this site.


I don’t like twitter. Am i allowed to say that? But i do tweet my posts after publishing… when I remember to do so. And i have posts that deserve better. Older posts are just as cool as new posts for those who never read them before!

Tweetily does exactly that: it digs in the pile of posts according to your precise preferences, it tweets the number of tweets you specify, so you don’t have to. Simple! Lazy! Excellent plugin.

But the lazy part is not why this is my current favorite wordpress plugin. I love this because it is absolutely hassle free, is completely accessible, does what it says it’s going to do and then it tells you when it will do it the next time. and it’s free too.

What can I say? If you feel like you are neglecting twitter but still want your stuff to reach the twittersphere now and then, get Tweetily, set a schedule, authorize the app and forget about it.

Since it would seem very strange if I suddenly started to tweet every four hours, I set mine to tweet once a day at the most, add the link to the post, hashtags taken from the post category, and a bit of extra text to be included in every tweet. It really couldn’t be easier!

Cudos to Flavio Martins, who really did think of everything.
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