Music by JennyK

Music by JennyK

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These are songs written and produced by jenny K. Brennan, including songs in various stages of completion.
It is sometimes hard to say if something is a solo project. I might feel that a song is “My Song through and through” but if someone contributes something that in a way “Makes it complete” is it then still a solo song? Since I have mixd feelings on this, I have to make judgement calls on some of the tracks that will end up here.
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I usually don’t get political. But here I go and write a song about what I hear on the news. This song started out as a moment in the life of a mother escaping her own country with her children. At this moment of January 2019 that mother, along with thousands like her, is being rejected as a human bing by old white men who are afraid of her. My opinion, people, mine.
This track is a bass audition from my favourite bass player, Jordi. I’m waiting for his file for my mix and I’m contemplating recording new electric guitars or ask someone to do them right.

Kitchen Bitch – Pop/Rock Feat. Tim Ryall

Fun, quirky, sexy, catchy! Those are words I’ve heard about this.
I’m currently waiting for this to be properly mastered.