JennyK Solo Stuff

JennyK Solo Stuff

These are songs written and produced by jenny K Brennan, including songs in various stages of completion.
It is sometimes hard to say if something is a solo project. I might feel that a song is “My Song through and through” but if someone contributes something that in a way “Makes it complete”, is it then still a solo song? Since I have mixd feelings on this, I have to make judgement calls on some of the tracks that will end up here.
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Kitchen Bitch – Pop/Rock Feat. Tim Ryall

Fun, quirky, sexy, catchy! Those are words I’ve heard about this. I’m in the final mixing stage on this with a few tweaks and fixes before I let this out on Apple Music and all those places. It is a darling of mine at this point. A bit of a step away from the prog-metal stuff I’m normally working on. Enjoy!

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