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Last updated: February 16, 2019 at 8:48 am


Is finished and available on
I added lyrics and vocals on this very cool tune.

Wrong – A fun one to add backing vocals on

this thread I hang by

Here’s the tune that I believe got me on the road to singing metal. This was scary. I hear it now and realize how much I’ve learned since Bill asked me to work on this tune. I have certainly learned to not be terrified by a challenge. And it’s also really damn wicked cool. 😀

Posts on HOI

Hellhound – Featuring Scott Chesworth and Dwight Brady

Reading Time: < 1 minute You can hear this on the 2023 Reaper Made Easy wrap up show on The Global Voice radio. Download the show here JennyK: Songwriting, vocals, synths, mix. Scott Chesworth: production advice, fake fake fake guitars, bass, various, master. Dwight Brady: Making drums better!!


Crossing The Line – Vocal mix Demo [In the House of Imp Studio

Reading Time: < 1 minute Crossing the Line This song started as an instrumental  track on Kompoz by Bill Babcock with drums by Andrea Spaziale. The song was left untouched for a while. Until Rob Glass added bass. This is my mix and production with my somewhat unsolicited lyrics and vocals. This mix will be up for live feedback on …


Grendel – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grendel – A Kompoz collaboration – (JennyK original) Art/prog- rock About this song: I read books. Lots of books. I escape, sure I do. It’s my safe place. And Recently I started listening to a podcast featureing fairytales the way they were written, not as they got cleaned up and polished by Disney. And those …


Undertow – Prog-rock from

Reading Time: < 1 minute Undertow – Collaboration created by Sriracha on kompoz 2018 Collaborators: Sriracha, Rhythmicdevil, AndreaSpace, srhangover, jennyK

The trials image - A very much dead bride

The Trials – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original

Reading Time: 2 minutes The trials – A Kompoz collaboration – (JennyK original) Released July 16 2015 Art/prog- rock Collaboration page Collaborators This would not have been the same without vincentsaling from Strasbourg Alsace France gave this song real life with his beautiful guitar work. From Scotland; Nigel Robinson a.k.a Gemini added that beautiful smooth Bass and a final …

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Wasted – A Kompoz collaboration – Video

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wasted Collaborators JennyK Jenny Brennan Jasper Ontario Canada Creator  sriracha – Bil Babcock – Ma, United States. Gemini – Nigel Robinson Scotland United Kingdom   kenzoK – Ken Ferretti -italy italy Italy Billy on the drums, guitar, and mastering. Nigel on bass. Ken on the strings. thanks guys. This was fun. Lyrics (I really don’t …


The Dorks – Right minds left – A Kompoz collaboration release – Honky Tonk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Right minds left Honky Tonk $0.99 on soundBlend And how did this happen? Artist’s Notes (By Project creator Kim Noble) How The Dorks came into existence—the behind-the-scenes story: Starting with two lyricists who have a bit too much time on their hands, Tracy led the charge in creating some lyrics that jumped off a hilarious …

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Serrated – A Kompoz Collaboration Release!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Serrated Metal! > And how did this happen? I came across this on Kompoz and really digged it. As a somewhat closeted metal head I simply love this stuff and I followed its progress from demo to finished. But I guess it wasn’t quite finished and they were kind of looking for a possible second …


My pumpkin – Indie rock

Reading Time: < 1 minute My pumpkin A Kompoz collaboration. Indie rock. joeyalomar, Joey T, Endicott New York USA JennyK, Jenny Brennan, Jasper Ontario Canada StratCas, Tony Cas, New York NY USA


Hounddogs – Adult alternative Collaboration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hounddogs Adult alternative. Buy Hounddogs on SoundBlend – $0.99 Lyrics by jennyK Maybe I’m a star; the crowd calls my name. But I hear the howl, the call of the wild, maybe I can pay. Put it on the tab right there. Where angels fall to cry. Telling all the people gathered there. How it …


Piano to dance (Working title) Audition mix at

Reading Time: 2 minutes Piano to dance – A work in progress Trance Collaboration with Power76, Stratcas, and JennyK. Audition Mix. Lyrics (Audition Version) When I followed you like a lost cheep. When I hid every trace. When I silenced, you turned around, you saw me. When i fell and when i begged you. Do you recall all that …

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She listens to you cry – A Kompoz production – Video

Reading Time: < 1 minute She listens Buy this track on Soundblend Produced on by: JennyK, BradDunbar, StratCas, GumGuru, and joeyalomar License Creative Commons Attribution. Video created by Joey – Thanks man! 🙂 Lyrics – Jenny K Brennan Have you said your goodbyes my friend, cause you have to go tonight. I can’t really say I’m sorry, cause that …


Wasted – Prog art rock collaboration

Reading Time: < 1 minute Wasted I thought for a while that this was a lost project. It has turned out to be one of my favorites. Maybe it’s simply just perfectly weird for my taste. Generous use of Glitch 2 made it extra… something. A bit grunge, a bit prog rock, a bit totally out there. Nigel, billy, and …


She listens to you cry – Soft rock collaboration

Reading Time: 2 minutes She listens to you cry A bit of silly. Makes me wonder what kind of messed up I was at the time of writing. 😀 Collaborators JennyK Jenny Brennan Jasper Ontario Canada Creator  Brad Dunbar Memphis Tennessee USA   StratCas Tony Cas New York New York USA   GumGuru Jack Watson Santa Cruz California USA …


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