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Adding vocals and lyrics to this very cool tune. Waiting for mixing and some extras.

Wrong – A fun one to add backing vocals on

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Undertow – Prog-rock from

Reading Time: 1 minute Undertow – Collaboration created by Sriracha on kompoz 2018 Collaborators: Sriracha, Rhythmicdevil, AndreaSpace, srhangover, jennyK

The trials image - A very much dead bride

The Trials – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original

Reading Time: 2 minutes The trials – A Kompoz collaboration – (JennyK original) Released July 16 2015 Art/prog- rock Collaboration page Collaborators This would not have been the same without vincentsaling from Strasbourg Alsace France gave this song real life with his beautiful guitar work. From Scotland; Nigel Robinson a.k.a Gemini added that beautiful smooth Bass and a final …

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Wasted – A Kompoz collaboration – Video

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wasted Collaborators JennyK Jenny Brennan Jasper Ontario Canada Creator  sriracha – Bil Babcock – Ma, United States. Gemini – Nigel Robinson Scotland United Kingdom   kenzoK – Ken Ferretti -italy italy Italy Billy on the drums, guitar, and mastering. Nigel on bass. Ken on the strings. thanks guys. This was fun. Lyrics (I really don’t …


The Dorks – Right minds left – A Kompoz collaboration release – Honky Tonk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Right minds left Honky Tonk $0.99 on soundBlend And how did this happen? Artist’s Notes (By Project creator Kim Noble) How The Dorks came into existence—the behind-the-scenes story: Starting with two lyricists who have a bit too much time on their hands, Tracy led the charge in creating some lyrics that jumped off a hilarious …

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Serrated – A Kompoz Collaboration Release!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Serrated Metal! > And how did this happen? I came across this on Kompoz and really digged it. As a somewhat closeted metal head I simply love this stuff and I followed its progress from demo to finished. But I guess it wasn’t quite finished and they were kind of looking for a possible second …


My pumpkin – Indie rock

Reading Time: 1 minute My pumpkin A Kompoz collaboration. Indie rock. joeyalomar, Joey T, Endicott New York USA JennyK, Jenny Brennan, Jasper Ontario Canada StratCas, Tony Cas, New York NY USA


Hounddogs – Adult alternative Collaboration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hounddogs Adult alternative. Buy Hounddogs on SoundBlend – $0.99 Lyrics by jennyK Maybe I’m a star; the crowd calls my name. But I hear the howl, the call of the wild, maybe I can pay. Put it on the tab right there. Where angels fall to cry. Telling all the people gathered there. How it …


Piano to dance (Working title) Audition mix at

Reading Time: 2 minutes Piano to dance – A work in progress Trance Collaboration with Power76, Stratcas, and JennyK. Audition Mix. Lyrics (Audition Version) When I followed you like a lost cheep. When I hid every trace. When I silenced, you turned around, you saw me. When i fell and when i begged you. Do you recall all that …

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She listens to you cry – A Kompoz production – Video

Reading Time: 1 minute She listens Buy this track on Soundblend Produced on by: JennyK, BradDunbar, StratCas, GumGuru, and joeyalomar License Creative Commons Attribution. Video created by Joey – Thanks man! 🙂 Lyrics – Jenny K Brennan Have you said your goodbyes my friend, cause you have to go tonight. I can’t really say I’m sorry, cause that …


Wasted – Prog art rock collaboration

Reading Time: 1 minute Wasted I thought for a while that this was a lost project. It has turned out to be one of my favorites. Maybe it’s simply just perfectly weird for my taste. Generous use of Glitch 2 made it extra… something. A bit grunge, a bit prog rock, a bit totally out there. Nigel, billy, and …


She listens to you cry – Soft rock collaboration

Reading Time: 2 minutes She listens to you cry This is an old tune I just can’t leave alone. So up to Kompoz it went and look what happens. Keys and guitar made it into something totally different. Drums completed the tune! Collaborators JennyK Jenny Brennan Jasper Ontario Canada Creator  Brad Dunbar Memphis Tennessee USA   StratCas Tony Cas …


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