Serrated – A Kompoz Collaboration Release!

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And how did this happen?

I came across this on Kompoz and really digged it. As a somewhat closeted metal head I simply love this stuff and I followed its progress from demo to finished. But I guess it wasn’t quite finished and they were kind of looking for a possible second vocalist. Billy asked me if I was interested.

Really? Seriously? Hahah, yeah sure. Shitting bricks I did give it a tentative try and I loved it. Billy had a fairly specific vision of what he wanted and after a few tries I did get it just right. Those vocals were added as a second verse and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The next metal track is I would say a couple of steps up from this and who knows what’s next. I’m finally doing something I always wanted to try but thought I’d never have the balls to try.

Singers talk about finding their voice. I may not have decided which of the styles I play around with is truly me, but I think this comes very close to what I want to do. Another tool in the toolbox and another bit of polish on the confidence.


Billy LeCoq-Mauvais (“sriracha”)
Arrangement, Keyboards, Guitar, Mix/Master, Production
Triskelion Pitcairn

Ash Starr (“Cursethevillain”)
Chicago ILL USA

Phil Simmons (“Sapro”)
Orlando FL USA

David W (“davidw”)

Nelson Araujo (“Wolf-Sinmons”)

Jenny Brennan (“JennyK”)
Jasper Ontario Canada


Verse I:

Serrated blade, caress my skin, and slowly let your work begin

I feel the cool, I feel the warm, I see the red.

From blue to red I’ve heard it said, I see it now, it’s in my head

I have control, you have control, now we are one.

Each kiss from you is burning hot my head explodes and time is stops

it feels so good, it hurts just right, now I’m alive.

Serrated blade, a gift of love, a time for us to share our trove

of secret times and secret deeds the scarring skin.


Serration, caress my skin

Serration, you know my world

Serrated, each cut a gift of love

Serrated, signed in blood

Verse II:

I lift my shirt for you today, where should we go, where should we play

I want to feel your loving touch, I want to be

Lay yourself across my skin and let the loving time begin

bring out my juice, for I am ripe I’m here for you.

each little slice, each little cut, each little rip, each little tear

I know you care, I know you love, I know your here

I give to you, you give to me, it’s up to us that we agree,

I’m here with you, your here with me, let’s begin

Time is gone, and here is now, you let me flow, you show me how

I’m here for you, you do me right, don’t stop now


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