Salt From Tears – Video by Icarus Machine

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Salt From Tears

Icarus Machine’s first music video.
Video production Bill Babcock.
From the album This Sundered World.
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Icarus Machine on Soundcloud.

About Salt From Tears

(Written by Bill Babcock, Jenny K Brennan, Jordi Ribas)

Don’t forget, don’t forget! The heart, the heart. Ticking clicking whirring. Oh poor me, have to see. See this. Don’t forget, don’t forget.

Bill Babcock: Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Hackery
Jordi Ribas: Bass
Jenny K Brennan: Vocals, Lyrics

“The opening acoustic part is actually part of something Bill wrote years ago and would perform with 2 friends on acoustics for open mic nights in clubs like The Channel in Boston. While trying out different tones from the piezo pickup on his Parker Fly Mojo, he started playing the guitar part and then next thing he knew, he’d decided to record it. The names of songs are always something Bill thinks about early in the writing process since for him, they set the tone. Jenny had just shared an initial draft of the opening pages of the novel with him and ‘Salt From Tears’ struck him after reading.”


Still her heart.

Goodbye Mother, you taught him everything he needs to know and he’s hiding his fears.
It’s a lonely road but there won’t be salt from tears.

Gabriel, don’t forget, don’t look back
Gabriel, step by step, step by step.
Gabriel, don’t hold on, she is far away.
Let her have her dream, let her sleep.

(Still her heart)

Goodbye Mother, you taught him everything he needs to know about being alone.
He’ll walk a lonely road but there won’t be salt from tears.

Close your eyes, there’s nothing left here for you.

Oh Gabriel Go, turn away, let her stay.

(Turn away).

Close your eyes but open wide.
Are you watching the sky, it’s gonna fall, it’s gonna cry.
It’s coming your way, letting you stray no more.

(Still your heart)

Goodbye mother, you taught him everything he needs to know about being alone.
It’s a lonely road but it won’t be salt from tears.
Goodbye Mother, you taught him everything he knows from pain to fear.
It’s a lonely road but it won’t be salt from tears.

Goodbye Mother, He’ll get right up when he falls.
Goodbye Mother, he won’t cry for you anymore.
Goodbye Mother, He’ll move on if he has to crawl.
Goodbye Mother, he won’t ever cry for you.

(Still your heart)

Goodbye Mother, you taught him everything he needs to know and from here.
It’s a lonely road but there won’t be salt from tears.

Come on bird, let’s follow the road to see where it goes.
(There won’t be salt from tears.)
Come on bird, let’s tell each other stories and I’ll feed you corn.
(There won’t be salt from tears.)
Come on bird, Let’s follow the road to see where it goes.
(There won’t be salt from tears.)
Come on bird, let’s follow the road to see where it goes.

Goodbye Mother, you taught him all he needs to know and from here.
(Still your heart)
Goodbye Mother, you taught him all he knows from pain to fear.
It’s a broken road but there won’t be salt from tears.

Come on Bird, let’s follow the road where it goes.
Come on Bird, to the end of the world.
Come on Bird, let’s follow the road where it goes.
Come on Bird, to the end of the world.

Icarus machine -The online band and how it started. A brief history of the music, the fiction, the people

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Icarus Machine

We are now live. We can currently be found on Icarus Machine official website,
the Facebook band page,
and SoundCloud,
where you can find our preview tracks and videos along with more information about the band, the album, and the book.

How, who, where.

Nine months or more has gone by since I had this hairbrained idea and I spoke it out loud. Well, not actually speaking it but in text I said something that changed my focus, my goals, and in many ways my life.

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? 🙂

Well, it wasn’t. Not really. I approached a musician that I have admired since his music reached my ears on where I started collaborating with musicians just over two years ago. I wanted us to work on a song together. Something from scratch. I don’t think I even knew what I was trying to ask. We started talking about more than one song. We talked about a short story I might write that would go with the song. It all goes fuzzy from there.

The thing is that “The biggest dreams come true in the most subtle of ways. One word, one song, one idea at a time.”
It sneaks up on you and before you know it, things fall into place. Suddenly you are in a moment of time you always wanted to be but never knew the way to. It crept up on me.

“Icarus Machine” is such a dream come true for me. And it came with more than just a new band with a cool name. The album “This Sundered world” is a concept album in the realms of Prog metal. We have 12 tracks and one story. We are looking at a mid-August release for both .

So who is this magical person that could settle JennyK to work with others and dedicate all time and energy on one project for an extended period of time and beyond? It had to be someone very special. Because as we all know; JennyK does not know how to spell the word “consistency”.

Well, here are the ingredients for this cake of all cakes

Bill Babcock

a.k.a sriracha Is the driving force that can pressure me into doing better and not make me want to kick him in the teeth for it. A teacher, a mentor, a nice guy, and an extraordinary asshole. Bill is the producer and has written most of the songs on the album. His guitar is never not impressive, his compositions never not right for the vision. He also does keys and effects, all mixing and mastering with deep knowledge, feeling, and precision. That would be enough wouldn’t you think?
Oh, hell no. When we couldn’t find a drummer, he superglued the drum sticks to his keyboard fingers.
You can find Bill and much more music at his
Kompoz profile page.

Jordi Ribas

a.k.a Srhangover has composed one song on this album and several for the future and has been an inspiration from the start with his undeniable style and excellence. Jordi plays the bass on all tracks and is nothing if not absolutely amazing. Beyond this band and album he is a serious force in prog rock and metal among other genres. He is a talented musician and songwriter in his own right.
You can find Jordi on his
Kompoz page, where he brightens the music collaboration world with his amazing creativity and love of the music. Jordi plays in a Steampunk themed prog metal band in his hometown of Galicia – Spain, with his wife as the lead singer.

Jenny K Brennan

a.k.a JennyK does the word forging and the voice melody making on all tracks. Lyrics are all inspired by characters in the novel. As an author of various styles of fiction from horror through comedy to paranormal erotica, Jenny is now moving on to steam punk for the novel titled the same as the album – “This Sundered World.”

About us

Icarus Machine
The members of Icarus Machine came together late 2015 after collaborating online over several years on various projects with each other. The members, Bill Babcock, Jenny K Brennan and Jordi Ribas, hail from all over the world: Massachusetts, United States; Ontario, Canada; all the way to Galicia, Spain.
Having discovered they were like minded about music and art, they found a common vision and desire to create something different – a project encompassing music and literature where the music was subtext for the story and vice versa.
Their first album is written around the events in a novel written alongside the music. “This Sundered World” is a steampunk inspired story about Gabriel who finds himself alone in a sundered society, a world he knows nothing about. Gabriel and the characters he encounters became the inspiration for the music and lyrics on the album.

Copyright 2016 Icarus Machine

Serrated – A Kompoz Collaboration Release!

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And how did this happen?

I came across this on Kompoz and really digged it. As a somewhat closeted metal head I simply love this stuff and I followed its progress from demo to finished. But I guess it wasn’t quite finished and they were kind of looking for a possible second vocalist. Billy asked me if I was interested.

Really? Seriously? Hahah, yeah sure. Shitting bricks I did give it a tentative try and I loved it. Billy had a fairly specific vision of what he wanted and after a few tries I did get it just right. Those vocals were added as a second verse and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The next metal track is I would say a couple of steps up from this and who knows what’s next. I’m finally doing something I always wanted to try but thought I’d never have the balls to try.

Singers talk about finding their voice. I may not have decided which of the styles I play around with is truly me, but I think this comes very close to what I want to do. Another tool in the toolbox and another bit of polish on the confidence.


Billy LeCoq-Mauvais (“sriracha”)
Arrangement, Keyboards, Guitar, Mix/Master, Production
Triskelion Pitcairn

Ash Starr (“Cursethevillain”)
Chicago ILL USA

Phil Simmons (“Sapro”)
Orlando FL USA

David W (“davidw”)

Nelson Araujo (“Wolf-Sinmons”)

Jenny Brennan (“JennyK”)
Jasper Ontario Canada


Verse I:

Serrated blade, caress my skin, and slowly let your work begin

I feel the cool, I feel the warm, I see the red.

From blue to red I’ve heard it said, I see it now, it’s in my head

I have control, you have control, now we are one.

Each kiss from you is burning hot my head explodes and time is stops

it feels so good, it hurts just right, now I’m alive.

Serrated blade, a gift of love, a time for us to share our trove

of secret times and secret deeds the scarring skin.


Serration, caress my skin

Serration, you know my world

Serrated, each cut a gift of love

Serrated, signed in blood

Verse II:

I lift my shirt for you today, where should we go, where should we play

I want to feel your loving touch, I want to be

Lay yourself across my skin and let the loving time begin

bring out my juice, for I am ripe I’m here for you.

each little slice, each little cut, each little rip, each little tear

I know you care, I know you love, I know your here

I give to you, you give to me, it’s up to us that we agree,

I’m here with you, your here with me, let’s begin

Time is gone, and here is now, you let me flow, you show me how

I’m here for you, you do me right, don’t stop now


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