Wasted – Prog art rock collaboration

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I thought for a while that this was a lost project. It has turned out to be one of my favorites. Maybe it’s simply just perfectly weird for my taste. Generous use of Glitch 2 made it extra… something. A bit grunge, a bit prog rock, a bit totally out there. Nigel, billy, and ken providing great talent and advice, made it just perfect.

This collaboration is finished and released on Kompoz.com, RadioAirPlay and other places.

Jenny Brennan
Jasper Ontario Canada

Guitar, drum programming, mastering:
Billy LeCoq-Mauvais
Triskelion Pitcairn  
Nigel Robinson
Borders Scotland United Kingdom  
Ken Ferretti
italy italy Italy


(I really don’t have time for this so, make it short and wake me up when I’m done. Thanks.)

All the time. What happened to all of the time.
All the tomorrows I had lined up in my mind all turning to yesterdays wasted time.

Here we go.

I give you all of my days.
And every night I pay.
And when the morning comes.
Leave me alone.

(There’s nothing wrong with me. Honest.)
(Let’s hear it.)

And all the love,
(Ah yeah, maybe.)
what happened to all the love.
(Yeah, well.)
All of the fantasies hot to the touch in my mind.
(If you don’t ask, I won’t tell.)
All turning to silliness and naked crying.

What do I want?
I’ll tell you what I want.
I’ll show you what I need.
And if the morning would come, leave me alone.

(Yeah, that too.)
(For fucks sake.)

Lock up, close your eyes.
(it’s not getting any better.)
Now now, I’ll find my way.
Hold on, there’s still some time.
(Are we done yet?)
Wake me up when I’m wasted.

Hold on, I will sleep when I am gone.
Let them gnaw on my old bones.
Wake me up when I’m wasted.
Never mind that.

(Let’s just get wasted.)

I’ll tell you all my fears.
I’ll give you all my tears.
If telling drives me insane, leave me alone.

(Wanna break something break it good and hard. Good job.
Are we done yet?)

Lock up or leave, wake me when I’m done.
Take what you need, wake me when you’re done.
Maybe that’s what I need, wake me when it’s done.

(Are we done? We are done.
ll that plug will ya? Now get the fuck out of here.)

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