Fail in the JennyK Studio. Help me replace my microphone?

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Hey people.

I’m Jen, JennyK to my bandmates. So, I’m the lyricist and vocalist in a melodic/prog-metal bank called Icarus Machine.  It consists of me, Bill, Jordi, and recently Ben joined us on drums. We have produced two albums and we are right now working on an EP we call “Fragile” 

This band and our music is what we love to do. It’s simply the most rewarding project I personally have been part of for a long time.  We love what we do and we will keep writing songs and producing music even if this continues to be a zero-budget endeavour. As independent artists, all our costs come out of our own pockets.  This is the nature of the beast -the music biz in a nutshell. 🙂

but as things go in any studio, big or small, gear fail or they leave much to be desired in quality. this time  I find that my microphone, cheap to start with, is failing me. So I will need a replacement sooner rather than later.  My desired microphone –if you are not into gear and stuff, don’t worry about it because it doesn’t matter- is A studio Projects condenser microphone. this is not a super high-end mic, but it’s something I have used before and one I truly love. It may  cost  around $350 on the low end, possibly as much as $500. I have not shopped around lately so I’m spitballing it, but that is the price range I’m aiming for, even if I end up with something different. 

So, it’s simply that. I need this to keep recording vocals for not only Icarus Machine, but also for any other voice work I tend to do. I have a podcast, I would like to offer services  as voice talent, I also work with other fantastic  artists where I add vocals on their music.
Bottom line is, without a decent microphone I’m not able to do any of that, and that makes me into a miserable person. 😀

If you can help me out with this, you would be my hero forever!   but seriously, it would  make  things easier and future releases will sound the way they are supposed to sound.

thank you!. 

JennyK and Icarus Machine 

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House of Imp 24 – Interlude – Considering the reality of dreams and gear misunderstood

The toilet paper conspiracy is real.
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An interlude – Living the bad dream – Microphone update


I interrupt the regular programming for a rant. Dreams can sometimes make more sense than reality. At least one can escape a dream. 🙂 But on a good note, I finally got motivated to really check what I’ve got and see if I really did get the best out of my gear. Which of course I didn’t. Microphone trouble taken care of. I got looking into all of this thanks to a new, for me, youtube channel. Check out Booth junkie if you want to get the best out of your voice and your gear when working with voice over. It’s not the same thing as singing btw. 🙂


Although I regret not mentioning this in the podcast, here is Mike, The ultimate
Booth Junkie on Youtube.

My gear:

heading level 1 Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone on amazon
The MXL 771 Condenser microphone on amazon.
the studio Projects VTB-1 on SoundOnSound.
The Mackie Onyx 820i on SoundOnSound.

Never look up, never look back, never ever ever grow up.
Now, if you want to go crazy like me, you should start a podcast. Here’s a good place to start that insane project of yours:
Join the School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson.

Nope, not an affiliate of anything mentioned and certainly not of amazon. I just happen to be lazy and that is where i bought my microphones.

JennyK and Imp – Making things happen in odd ways since 2010.

Roll of toilet paper
Roll of toilet paper