House of Imp 24 – Interlude – Considering the reality of dreams and gear misunderstood

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An interlude – Living the bad dream – Microphone update


I interrupt the regular programming for a rant. Dreams can sometimes make more sense than reality. At least one can escape a dream. 🙂 But on a good note, I finally got motivated to really check what I’ve got and see if I really did get the best out of my gear. Which of course I didn’t. Microphone trouble taken care of. I got looking into all of this thanks to a new, for me, youtube channel. Check out Booth junkie if you want to get the best out of your voice and your gear when working with voice over. It’s not the same thing as singing btw. 🙂


Although I regret not mentioning this in the podcast, here is Mike, The ultimate
Booth Junkie on Youtube.

My gear:

heading level 1 Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone on amazon
The MXL 771 Condenser microphone on amazon.
the studio Projects VTB-1 on SoundOnSound.
The Mackie Onyx 820i on SoundOnSound.

Never look up, never look back, never ever ever grow up.
Now, if you want to go crazy like me, you should start a podcast. Here’s a good place to start that insane project of yours:
Join the School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson.

Nope, not an affiliate of anything mentioned and certainly not of amazon. I just happen to be lazy and that is where i bought my microphones.

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Roll of toilet paper
Roll of toilet paper

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