HOI The nonsense collective – Forced break; how, why, what, apologies, podcast feeds are messy – Word from JennyK

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37 HOI The nonsense collective – Forced break; how, why, what, apologies, podcast feeds are messy – Word from JennyK


This is just a quick note from your host trying hard to take a break. From perfectionism, circumstances, worry, the to do list. Shit always catches up to you. Especially if you’re fighting it. Depression and anxiety brought me to a grinding halt but I wanted to give you this.

I want to say it’s nothing, I’ll bounce back fast. Certainly, I hope so, but in the end that puts more pressure on me than I need. So I’ll leave it there.
Take care.

House of Imp 36 – Christmas. Bah! In the end it’s just another day and a reason to make music

metal Santa
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Christmas 2017 – Bill and Jen talk crap about Christmas – Well, kind of…


In the end, Christmas is just another day, another number in the calendar, and an opportunity to behead turkeys and turn off the radio. Jen and Bill have likes and dislikes and can’t resist letting you know what they think about overspending, Christmas obsession in general, a bit about great gifts for the visually impaired, and cardboard boxes.


Hotsauce in my Eggnog

Arranged and produced by Bill Babcock with help from
Andrea on drums and
Anton adding the bass.

It’s been an interesting year and we’re looking forward to an awesome 2018 with more disorganized podcasting, more Imp, more music, and even more conversations about things that may or may not matter.

Merry Christmas everyone, be it in joy or misery, it’s all good.

Until next year.
House of Imp – Out.
JennyK, Bill, and Imp – Staying away from live turkeys since Christmas.

House of Imp 35 – Featuring music we love – Kompoz Showcase #1

House of Imp - 35 - Collaboration Artworks
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Kompoz – Favorite collaborations – #1


For December 2017, we picked a couple of great tracks produced by artists from kompoz.com.
This is the first of many more episodes featuring some of our favorite creations. There will be more independant music but also books and movies we simply can’t not talk about. This Kompoz showcase features two collaborations:

“Never Enough”

Written by
BillOnGuitar a.k.a Bill Barrett
with lyrics and vocals by
Wire-and-Wood a.k.a Mike Patterson.
Cory Frey,
Grumpy Grump,
SirWillyDS12 a.k.a Bill Smith.

Lyrics: Never Enough


Written by
Lyrics and vocals by
Fresh727 a.k.a Mika Greiner.

Lyrics: Relapse

Bill and Jen – Treating Imps right since…. Err.

House of Imp Episode 35 was:

Produced by Jenny K Brennan a.k.a JennyK. and Bill Babcock a.k.a sriracha.

House of Imp music by
Icarus machine – 2017.
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Media hosted by Blubrry Media hosting.

Studio Chaotic and Sundered Records – 2017

House of Imp 34 – It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Hot reporting by Imp

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It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it – Job interview from the field.

Imp reports!


Hard questions and in-depth investigative digging with some serious journalism by our own Imp Himpcock, dealing with the tough issues under trying circumstances.
Hear it exlusively in the House of Imp Studios.

Due to unforseen events and a tragic mishap with our camera man Mr. Justn O’Treal, no images could be recovered for use in this report.

JennyK, Imp, and Bill – Straight to the point since 2017.

House of Imp 33 Perfectionism, publishing regret, and feedback diplomacy. A chat with guest Bill Babcock. Imp gets some great feedback.

I can't keep calm, I'm a perfectionist!
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Perfectionism, publishing regret, feedback diplomacy.

Everything has to be perfect. Right?

Introducing Bill, who seem to have all his ducks in a row. Is that so?


In this episode

Imp is asking for feedback. That could have been a wise move, but it all depends on who you ask. 😀

For the first and and certainly not the last time, Bill joins me with his thoughts about the perfectionism that he is quite comfortable with and I handle with much more anxiety. We learn a bit about Bill and what he does other than playing guitar, producing and everything else except play bass and sing, in Icarus Machine. This prog-metal band was formed in 2015, consists of JennyK, Jordi Rebas, and Bill. The rest is, at least in our minds, history.

A learning experience

For me personally, this episode is teaching me things I really could have lived without worrying about. I’ve learned that I suck and can’t keep a sentence going without drifting off into non-thought. The interview part in this episode was a mental struggle and that is despite knowing Bill. My brain freezes and my thoughts scramble. We discarded our first recording. The second one was much better, shorter and slightly more “to the point”. But still, two perfectionists working together will always find something wrong and plenty of excuses for a retake.
So, a light shift in plan, and the third take…. Well. it gave me, if possible, even more anxiety than the first. We decided to use parts of the third to integrate in the second because there were some good moments captured there. However, that’s not quite what happened in the final editing.
What you are hearing is the result of lots of anxiety, even more editing, and a very patient and generous good friend, helping me while aggravating me when saying “You know what you’re doing.”

so enjoy my venture into stuff that scares me, and Bill’s first peek into the confusing world that is podcasting. …. 😀

Leave a comment on this page or by using the contact link. Let us know what you think, what could be better, what you would like to hear from us in the future.

Mentions in this episode

Icarus machine on Facebook

Icarus machine – Official website

Bill Babcock a.k.a Sriracha on Kompoz

Icarus machine on Reverbnation

Listen on Spottify

Update: The novel This Sundered World – A Mother’s Heart is no longer available. It has been withdrawn and is going through a considerable re-write.

Icarus machine on soundcloud
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Produced by Jenny K Brennan.

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House of Imp 32 Bonus – Audio hijack, Logic, screen reader, loopback – A quick how this all works. Podcast creation in House of Imp

What is that noise - JennyK at desk
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Bonus – Audio hijack, Logic, screen reader, loopback – A quick how this all works. Podcast creation in House of Imp.

It’s “Rogue Amoeba”, NOT Rogue Amiga” like I say in this episode. lOL. although that would be equaly weird.

I will not go bak to edit that. Perfectionism is only allowed to push me so far. 😀


This is a quik demo of part of how I work this thing. Podcast production, all the sounds I want, skype, etc etc. All while using voiceover – The mac screen reader.
It’s not a tutorial, just a quick glance at one particular situation. I’m using Audio Hijack 3 and Loopback from Rogue Amoeba
with Skype and Apple Logic Pro X. Check those out. I may not recommend Apple Logic for podcasting. I use it mainly for more complicated audio production but I’ve started to really like Logic so that is how I do it. Again, not recommended for everyone.

If this isn’t your cup of tea and none of these apps are interesting to you it’s okay to skip this one and we’ll get back to our next House of Imp episode in November.

If you are interested in proper tutorials for Hijack, Loopback, or Logic pro when working with voiceover, click the contact link at the top of the homepage and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Until next time.

JennyK and Imp – Inducing confusion since 2010.