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Using a Digital Audio Workstation can be challenging for anyone. Whether it is Logic Pro, Reaper, Protools, or any of the growing number of audio production apps available. Using a screenreader adds a significant challenge to something that is already quite complicated and sometimes quite mysterious: The D.A.W.

Here, I attempt to make life a little bit easier for those using Apple Logic Pro as that is my D.A.W of choice. sometimes seemingly minor tasks become impossible because Apple has not implemented appropriate functions for screenreader users. That is simply a major suck. There’s no other way to put it. It can be frustrating when a seemingly so easy thing can’t be done and I have spent many hours pulling my hair trying to find a way to do something just to realize that it is simply not possible. that is the worst case scenario in my world.
Apple has however made Logic quite accessible and I can do most everything I want to do.
It’s just a question of how.
There are many tutorials available, created by users wanting to bridge that gap. Check out a few here:


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The tutorials I’m adding here deal with the things I’ve spent much time struggling with, learned, understood, and is now using in most of my sessions.
I add demos when a question arises and I realize that I have a solution. These tutorials are short
and deal with those small details that, if you don’t know how, can be something that stops work completely. I hate when that happens, and maybe these can help you to focus on the creative and not on the how.

Logic Pro and Voiceover – How to. Track monitoring – understanding the settings

Reading Time: < 1 minute Wrapping your head around the track monitoring in Logic – practical demonstration Honestly, it’s a mindbend sometimes to understand why we hear things that we don’t want to hear, isn’t hearing what we do want to hear, and understanding how to control this behaviour makes for frustration free sessions. So let’s hear how it changes …


Logic Pro and Voiceover – How to. Punching in, the basics.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Punching in with voiceover in Apple Logic Pro Let’s be honest, we all make mistakes. and rerecording an entire track that sounds great but for that pesky sour note or bad pronounciation can be such a bother. So let’s just punch it in. It’s easy. Information: Shortcuts I use are: “Set punch in locator by …


Logic Pro and Voiceover – How to. Automation event list, the basics.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Using the Automation event list with voiceover in Apple Logic Pro Information: Automation event list opens with Cmd + Ctrl + E. The list shows only events that are currently on the selected track. If the shortcut Cmd + Ctrl + E does not work, it is most likely because the currently selected track does …


Keep in mind:

These tutorials assume you have basic skill with voiceover, the screenreader for Mac.
Specific keyboard commands may not always be specified as Logic users often use customized sets of commands, or create their own. To edit, add, or locate a key command, open the shortcut dialog with Option + K.
Questions, comments, suggestions? Add a comment.

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