Logic Pro and Voiceover – How to. Track monitoring – understanding the settings

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Wrapping your head around the track monitoring in Logic – practical demonstration

Honestly, it’s a mindbend sometimes to understand why we hear things that we don’t want to hear, isn’t hearing what we do want to hear, and understanding how to control this behaviour makes for frustration free sessions. So let’s hear how it changes with the settings. It’s easy once grasping what Logic does.


Preferences I change:
Open the Logic preferences with Cmd + , (comma)
Go to toolbar, select “audio”
Exit the toolbar, now choose the “General” tab.
Navigate past the “Software monitoring” checkbox.
The checkbox of interest is called, “GarageBand requires the Input Monitoring button to be on, and the track to be either focused or record enabled.
It also says, “Input monitoring only for the focused track, and only when input monitoring is enabled (as in GarageBand)”
What confused me to start with was the simple wordiness of that checkbox and I’m wondering why it’s relevant to mention Garageband. Ever. 🙂

things to note:

There is some serious latency in this tutorial and it can be distracting. I will at some point redo it and clean up my rambling. Time permitting, that is.
If you have more information about the software monitoring, please comment on this page.

Produced by JennyK, using Apple Logic Pro version 10.4 on MacOs Mojave.

Keep in mind:

These tutorials assume you have basic skill with voiceover, the screenreader for Mac.
Specific keyboard commands may not always be specified as Logic users often use customized sets of commands, or create their own. To edit, add, or locate a key command, open the shortcut dialog with Option + K.
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