Logic Pro and Voiceover – How to. Punching in, the basics.

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Punching in with voiceover in Apple Logic Pro

Let’s be honest, we all make mistakes. and rerecording an entire track that sounds great but for that pesky sour note or bad pronounciation can be such a bother. So let’s just punch it in. It’s easy.


Shortcuts I use are:
“Set punch in locator by playhead”
“Set punch out locator by playhead”
“Toggle auto punch mode on/off”

things to note:

My settings are:
Track toolbar >No overlapp.
The track has no take folder at the start of this tutorial.
These options may not change anything, but it is worth noting. I’m demonstrating a simple punch in and do not consider possible complications.

If you have more information about the punching in process, please comment on this page.

Produced by JennyK, using Apple Logic Pro version 10.4 on MacOs Mojave.

Keep in mind:

These tutorials assume you have basic skill with voiceover, the screenreader for Mac.
Specific keyboard commands may not always be specified as Logic users often use customized sets of commands, or create their own. To edit, add, or locate a key command, open the shortcut dialog with Option + K.
Questions, comments, suggestions? Add a comment.

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