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Latest thoughts, news, and things to come:

  • Corium! Coming this spring.
  • So Icarus machine is close to releasing a second album. It’s been two years. “Corium”, a 14-track prog-metal collection of good stuff is getting the final polish right now.

  • Tuesday November 27 2018
  • So, I’m writing music again. This may seem like a strange thing to say but really, I did stop. I thought I was fine adding words and voice to Icarus Machine songs and various collaborations. But shit, there’s no reason I can’t do both. I love what I do, whether it’s my own solo stuff or someone else’s awesome tune. I have to admit though that putting my own stuff out there again, which I am doing slowly bit by bit, is scarier than it ever was. I have learned perfection on a level that may not be all to my advantage. Imposter syndrome is just the beginning. 🙂 But I am happy to say that more music composed by yours truly will appear here. Starting with something I wrote on my own, an emotional prog/goth-metal tune called “Dissonance” .
    Update: Available
    here, Dissonance – Single by Icarus Machine

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