Introducing the Now and again Radio on the House of Imp. Latest news, random thoughts, and Imp. JennyK is back. For March 1 2019 – What’s happening right now

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The House of Imp. Now and Again Radio with jennyK

Editor comment: I was unsure if this would become part of the nonsense collective. I didn’t actually know if I was truly done podcasting or not. So I stalled on the decision. Today, after finishing the second show in this series I finally thought to myself: “Why the hell not?” So here it is. Next episode comes out tomorrow, Friday March 15. I hope this glitch doesn’t bother you too much. this is The House of Imp after all and there is no such thing as normal.

What’s happening on House of Imp?
Nag Radio – an every other Friday show with the latest, dumbest, awkwardest, most absurdest but also a fair bit of the every day tedium of This House of Imp. In other words: business as usual.


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