Grendel – A Kompoz collaboration – JennyK Original

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Grendel – A Kompoz collaboration – (JennyK original)

Art/prog- rock

About this song:

I read books. Lots of books.
I escape, sure I do. It’s my safe place.
And Recently I started listening to a podcast featureing fairytales the way they were written, not as they got cleaned up and polished by Disney. And those are disturbing, interesting, fascinating, and like a kick in the ass for creativity.
However, information overload is a thing, even if it’s self-imposed entertainment.
I’m not sure what that dark and absurd stuff does to the mind in the long run. Or if it’s even worth the bother considering.
As far as the name is concerned, I did read Beowulf recently – or an abridged podcast version. and I can’t help sympathize with Grendel. All he wanted was peace and quiet.

Thank you:

WillaWay: drums, lead guitar
Pete Midipunk: Encouragement, comical release. 😀
Bill Babcock: Guitars
Clif Warren: Bass.
JennyK -Songwriting, lyrics, vocals, various keys and pads, mixing, mastering


Lyrics by Jenny K. Brennan

Once upon a time there was a poet. He wrote a story where they all died. And someones mother was insane in the swamp and they came to get her.
And once upon a time there was a princess in a tower and she got knocked up and died when she tried to escape. Got strangled on her hair.
And once upon a time there was a happily ever after.
Can you tie up this story line?
Can you soothe my Grendel?
Oh, I’ve been losing all my heroes cause I’ve been killing them all.
I don’t know what I’m on.
It’s gotta be something strong.
I’m a poet after all.
Oh, I’ve been losing my direction and maybe I’ve gone too far.
It’s all the stories I read.
It’s all the stories I read.
It’s all the stories I read.
I want to believe in fairytales.
Do you believe in happily ever after.
Do you believe love’s like a fairytale.
I wanna believe in happily ever after.
But I do believe that love is a fairytale.
Once upon a time.
Oh, I’ve been losing my perception.
Cause I’ve been turning it down.
I don’t know what I’ve done.
It’s gotta be something dumb.
I’m a poet after all.
Oh, I’ve been burning your instructions and maybe I’ve gone too far.
It’s all the stories I read.
I want to believe the fairytale.
[Solo] Do you believe in happily ever after.
Do you believe love’s like a fairytale.
I wanna believe in happily ever after.
But I do believe that love is a fairytale.
I am nothing if not a believer.
In fairy’s play, the hero’s quest, the maiden’s everlasting innocence.
I am nothing if not a believer.
Once upon a time there was a dragon. He hoarded all the people and all the cats. He traded on the market for something interesting to read.
Once upon a time there was a king who tried to marry his daughter. Because he couldn’t find anyone as perfect as her mother who died.
Once upon a time I believed in love.
Once upon a time.
Do you believe in happily ever after.
Do you believe love’s like a fairytale.
I wanna believe in happily ever after.
But I do believe that love is a fairytale.
Once upon a time.


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House of Imp 29 – Creepy fat cop and a little bit of thinking – Spoilt by Icarus machine

A woman picks up the road and changes direction
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29 – Creepy fat cop – the dangers of thinking – a time for change


Imp is a bit worried. Apparently I think too much and it could kill me.
this is a shorter episode for a reason. I am in the process of changing it up. I need a new name, new image, new intro, and a slightly different approach. The content will be more or less the sam. But I’ve grown tired of the name. “Studio chaotic” is the name of my studio as well as company -when I’m in need of a company name – but it’s not a name for a podcast. I don’t go into it much here. Just letting you know what’s going on. I’ll give myself a month to get stuff ready. Next episode, I’ll let you know how it goes.

But for now; enjoy “Spoilt” by Icarus machine, a rant and some thinking.

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JennyK and Imp – Never quite right since 2010.

House of Imp 19 – Stepping back into podcast land — The difference a year makes — Icarus Machine, Mac, and the future

A Mother's Heart Book Cover
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The Studio Chaotic tentative return – With music and news — And Imp


Here’s a slightly confusing and disjointed episode where I try to tie up over a year of JennyK.
Not possible, I know I didn’t do a great job on this one. But I just need to get my feet wet again and truth is; I’ve missed it. So take it for what it’s worth. Got some news and places to check out.


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