House of Imp 20 – A change of heart – A rant – The Imp – A podcast getting its shit together.

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Studio Chaotic – Restarting – On schedule – What?

Yeah, i know it sounds incredible. But it’s true. This podcast escaped death by a fraction. Here’s me and Imp deciding the future. There’s a rant about why and a big thanks to one of my Podcast heroes.


Mentions and links:

Shoutout to Dave Jackson at
School of podcasting.

My home on the web – Studio Chaotic.

Icarus Machine – The band – Prog-metal storytelling.

Join our Patreon page here. For as little as $2 per month you get more than just a pre-release of one of our new tunes.
You also get our first album – This Sundered World. . Now that is a good deal.


The schedule:

To start with, Studio Chaotic will release episodes every second Friday starting tonight May 5th.

JennyK and Imp [ Still here – still talking nonsense – still seriously having too much fun. Saying

Embrace the crazy – All is well!

2 Replies to “House of Imp 20 – A change of heart – A rant – The Imp – A podcast getting its shit together.”

  1. Aw sweet. So nice to see you drop in here. I am working on liberating myself from that other me that keeps telling me not to. But I am facing myfears and “fun” just has to be the keyword here. Just have fun, Me! 🙂

  2. If you’re having fun, then keep doing it. Don’t judge your podcast based on other podcaster’s success. If it’s fun. Do it. You said, “If it delivers value to nobody…” well it does, it delivers value to YOU.

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