Intentional blogging – I’m in. Just need to find the map, a compass, and a weed-eater

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The blog

There is just so much; I don’t know where to start!

And that is the problem in my mind. I hear that blogging is great for many reasons and I agree. But I have reservations and somehow I’m still wondering if I have anything to say. Let’s look at this issue a little bit closer.

Why blog?

The main arguments I hear can be summed up into the following statement:

There is a voice, a story, a perspective that the rest of the world want and need to hear.

I say: Fair enough. I think I can go with that in general. But let’s dissect this further.

1. I have a voice. Yup. But from my perspective I think of my voice as three octaves of emotion tuned to a musical arrangement or loudly arguing some silly point with a pretend co-host Imp. That makes it either music production or pod-casting, right? Which I do anyways. Does that make it an audio blog? Now, that is a different issue altogether that I won’t get into in this post.
So, scrap that. “A voice”, is too wide a definition for me.

2. I have a story. Yeah, I suppose.
But a story is to me a fictional characters journey through enemy territories, alien landscapes, love intrigues, and complicated plot points. If I blog those stories, which I do, it is web published literature. No?
So where can I take that?


It seems to me that what is left on my impromptu list is perspective.

3. Perspective. Okay, I can go with that. A blog should have perspective, and opinion, a view on the world. And to spread my perspective on things I will need to use my voice and maybe tell a story.

and around and around it goes.

And then?

I have entered this intentional blogging challenge because I need to find my focus. The field of self expression that I wander each and every day is too vast and I get lost among all the pretty shapes and vistas. I want to go there, I want to go over there, I want to do this. This field needs narrowing, a focus.

And that is my goal for the end of this challenge. I consider this a preliminary blog to prepare for all the blogs to come. In the end I will use my voice to tell a story from my perspective. I just need to move from this endless field of opportunities to a well organized managed garden of purposeful blogging Eden.

Sounds so simple huh?

Wish me luck. Come back tomorrow and check out the next offering along the overgrown JennyK blogging path.

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