Why blog? Continued weed whacking in search of specifics.

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Why blog – Continued.

In my previous blog I talked about entering the intentional blogging challenge posted by Jeff Goins – Writer. I still ask myself the same questions and have the same doubts about my own purpose for blogging. My conclusion was that I needed to find my path and narrow the field where I search aimlessly for specifics. Today’s lesson from Jeff talked about focus. And I have given this some thought today. This was my intention; to really figure out what I want to say, how I want to say it, and to whom.
I’m not quite there yet. What I have promised myself and also talked about in a recent podcast is a promise to spend some time on this every day. This is not at all a condition for this blogging challenge but I believe that writing something every day, even if it is just a rant of random thoughts like this very post seems to become, it will loosen up my thought processes and with each pointless blog I will come closer to finding that purpose. I had one thought today that I think brought me a little bit closer. Just one little step closer to finding the overall subject. What I haven’t quite come to terms with is that it brings me back to my original problem of being a non-specific blogger. I will tell you what my thought was.

What do I want to say?

Q: What do I want to talk about?
A: The small things, the personal tiny struggles, the beautiful little details.
Q: Who do I want to say this too?
A: Anyone. It’s not educational per se. It can be motivational by proxy. It could raise questions and emotions that encourages anything from a mild smile to a philosophical puzzlement. Or simply silly, childish, naive, or just dumb. It’s not for someone expecting easy fast hitting entertainment. It will take some thinking.

Q: How do I want to say it?
A: It needs to be entertaining. Hopefully funny. Possibly sarcastic. Told in the guise of a story, a poem, a strange essay.

Those were three of the questions in today’s lesson and I decided to focus on those now and as I’m writing this I’m feeling it coming together. I am going to leave it at that for this time. I have already done much weeding on my endless field. I’m deciding what not to blog about. I’m figuring out who I don’t want to speak to. And I’m slowly learning what implied blogging rules I will end up ignoring.

Tomorrow I will continue this and pick apart the reasons why I should not blog. I do believe that if the motivation is flawed, the end result will be broken even before it’s finished.

And it goes on. See you tomorrow!


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