Don’t wait until it’s perfect. It never will be. Intentional blog 03

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If perfection is your goal, you wil wait forever.

In other words; don’t do what I do.

I had it in my mind to write something every day. Mostly to get into the habit of writing something every day and to make myself accountable for it. I would publish something. Not something quick and hurried. No, nothing silly and lacking of substance; I wouldn’t sink that low. It has to be something I wouldn’t mind reading. I was aiming for something like a chain of thought or a little something I’ve discovered about myself, my blogging, or the world in general. Not revolutionary stuff maybe, but interesting to me in my journey of finding my focus. Well, that was the plan.

But what happened in the couple of days after my last blog was that I started to think. I thought about a subject that instantly felt like an interesting idea or perspective on this intentional blogging challenge. I basically had the blog for the day ready to type, develop, edit, and publish. Then I started thinking’ Nah, it has to be better than that! That’s not enough. And it fizzled out and I didn’t get around to writing anything. So, I didn’t get my daily practice done, I started doubting myself and my abilities, and my path through blogging jungle grew just a little bit tighter and more inpenetrable.

I wanted it to be perfect so it became nothing.

Why is that.?

One answer is that I’m a perfectionist with absolutely no organizational skills.

I don’t think that’s it. Hm. Just writing that sentence made me wonder. Yes, I am a perfectionist. I find it hard to schedule my time because that means following a rule, a deadline, a should would aught to have to must state of things. Obviously that is what I don’t like. Because I love organizing things. Sorting stuff, making order out of chaos and all that. I dig it; Strange as it may seem.

So, it seems simple; I don’t like following rules that I myself setup for my own benefit. Really? I really need to think about that.

Now it’s getting complicated and I really think I need to abandon this chain of thought as it is not all that constructive. Sounds more like an abstract type of excuse for some inner resistance I can’t express. Quit your belly-aching JennyK!

So now what?

Back to it I guess. The plan is the same. I stumbled but avoided a head on collision by writing this very blog. Phew! So I’m back at it.

Catch me tomorrow for “Reasons not to blog.”

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