Trust – an interactive fiction game in the making – To code or not to code. Appears I have abandoned this.

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Trust – and interactive thriller

Update December 2018:

Oh I am so full of it. It is true that Ivan lives on in my head but he is way way way back in the darkest possible corner where nothing and no one checks for inspiration anymore. Will I give up on him?
Nah, he’s fine in his universe where I placed him so long ago, doesn’t even think about me anymore. I’ll get to it when I get to it.

I have started. Soon we will be able to meet Ivan. Bits and pieces of Ivan, snippets and thoughts about Ivan an how he comes to be. Right now, the game is very slowly coming together in my mind so it’s not going to be a quick process. Six months to write the main code, another six to beta test and then unknown hours to correct, rewrite, revise, and hunt errors in code.

It’s funny but I am looking forward to every bit of that, and I hope I can live up to any expectations after the last game; Crystal and stone, beetle and bone.
Peter, think I can? lol


Refreshing my brain in inform 6 code.
Added needed extensions and created basic files.
Learned that my main character is a bit unstable.
Is reinforcing my main characters instability while brainstorming about secondary characters and location classes.

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There’s not much more I can say at the moment but it is all coming together. here’s a bit of Ivan himself:

Ivan stares blankly into space for a long moment. Insanity has never been a huge concern for this down to earth metal head but he is starting to wonder what’s going on with him. A shiver runs up his spine and he glances nervously at corners, shadows, and unknown phantoms of fancy. “Too fucking creapy in here.”


Ivans eyes widen and for some odd reason, guided by instinct rather than logic, he ducks and turns around. Tense and ready for anything, he glares at the gloom surrounding him. Nothing. Slowly, he relaxes and stands up. “I’ll be fucking madder than my crazy-ass mother soon.”

2 Replies to “Trust – an interactive fiction game in the making – To code or not to code. Appears I have abandoned this.”

  1. The contest is officially open, ready or not, so now I can get back to some coding. Or fiction writing, or maybe even some songwriting. Hmmm, I suddenly see all the seconds of my immediate future just dissipate into thin air. What a strange sensation. There’s an open door to the east, you can also see a Tonka toy tractor, a rotten apple, and a string of sweat-beads here.

  2. “Peter, think I can? lol”

    I most certainly do. In fact, now that your very first completed and released game is out of the way, I’m sure you’ll find things much smoother, much easier, this time around.

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