Sundered – Developing the game – From World building to conversation – Interactive Fiction Creation

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Sundered – The Game – idea. And abandoned creation

An interactive not quite steampunk Interaction

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Well, I love the idea. I know I can make it fun and it has the potential to get huge and far too complicated.
I seriously hate to abandon this project. I really do…..
with all that said; when can I find the time for coding?
but if you think I’ll forget about it, then that would be so wrong.

Some day. Maybe I’ll simply sit down and let the code obsession take me.

What I said then:

It all started in the fall of 2015. This Sundered world is a prog-metal album, a novel, and now I got it in my mind to write this Interactive fiction game with it. Oh, I almost forgot. What say ye of a graphic novel? Huh? Actually, graphic novel might be a maybe. i love the idea but shit, there are only so many hours in a day so that is a loose thread as of yet. the game is related to the novel and takes place in the same universe, but is unrelated in every way from the novel so playing the game will produce no spoilers.

So that is why i set up this page from the start. This game in progress will be playable at every step of the way but there will be little to do to start with. We meet Gabriel. We meet Bird. And we get to know the world in a typical Interactive Fiction condensed fiction fashion. So, if you are interested in following the building of this game, come back every now and then to see what Gabriel is up to and what he is capable of.

Before you click on the link above to play the game, you may want to start this player. “This Sundered World” is as you may guess the title track for “This Sundered World” by Icarus Machine Enjoy!

From the game

Excerpts from the actual game play. Including work in progress fuckups coming up as there is more gameplay to draw from.

Call to action

At this point, there is not much game to report bugs on. But I will happily take what you find as well as suggestions. Please add your thoughts on this page.


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  1. Tiny change does all the difference. Bird is now following Gabriel the way he should and only when he is supposed to. Now that the basic movements are in place, some interesting conversations are needed. Then the carrier needs its dysfunctional programming to function as they should. building random fuckups on purpose. I love that.

  2. Updated file. Introduced some issues, adding detail. bird follows Gabriel. Even when he isn’t supposed to. Wonder what i missed. 😀 Back at it tomorrow. I do believe my demon is missing a rule or two.

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